Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seeing baby

Yesterday we had quite the eventful day!
We had our scheduled 21-week ultrasound and Promise, Toby, and Tim were all able to make it for the gender-revealing partay!

They "technically" are not allowed to reveal the gender in office, but rather, we are to call or visit our midwife 24-48 hours after the ultrasound for the reveal. How DUMB! SO! Being the annoying trained midwife I am, I proceeded to persuade the tech to "show" me the gender bits already assuming this baby was a girl. I referred to the baby as "she" and kept leaning over to see the screen....

When the baby wouldn't open her legs, the lovely tech asked me to drain my bladder and return to the room with my family so that they could join in the fun. I did so and then took a look at the measurements of the baby....smaller chest size, smaller features in general....yeah, I am pretty certain this one is a girl....

Tim and the kids came in and were fascinated with each part of the baby shown....and then we all leaned in to see between the legs....I smiled....three lines..."the hamburger", as we call it....

The tech said, "Well, three lines...." So I said to Promise, "You're having a baby sister!" And she cheered!

Yup, it's a girl...we 'knew' all along and to have it confirmed it such a blessing.
Tim had to go back to work after the partay, but returned home in the evening with "It's a Baby Girl" balloons for the kids and a pink miniature rose for me. He is such a great man. We cried.

While I am not sure I can handle any more estrogen and drama in the household, God thinks otherwise and I am thankful this precious baby is growing normally without any issues. Our THIRD miracle.

So the count is now 6 grandgirls to 2 grandboys on the Stewart side and 3 grandgirls and 3 grandboys on the McClellan (my family) side. We're starting to take over! Look out, WORLD!

Be blessed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Croup and a congratulations!

 The congratulations? Well, after a year of being employed with Kal Tire, Tim became a certified assistant manager! This took some serious studying, training and a lot of long meetings....and long working hours! But BEHOLD! My amazing hubby accomplished an incredible feat and they LOVE him at work.....who woudn't...I mean...REALLY! So we got him a cake. (Promise insisted it was his birthday and even yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!" when he got home....and yes, we had to sing the Birthday song, too...and blow out a candle.)

 But the week before certification, Promise came down with a rough bronchial infection, Toby had a serious case of croup (throwing up almost every time he coughed), I had a bladder infection and then we passed the cold to Tim! It was a rough week indoors and we had to summon Daddy from work once because we had several doctors' visits and antibiotics for all to get....but we made it through.

It required a LOT of prayer from friends and family, too....we were really concerned about having to take Toby into emergency because he just couldn't catch his breath and couldn't keep his meds down.

 He is handsome. And (below) a great diaper dancer!
 The week before that, we had some Mother's Day fun outside! We ordered a pizza for mommy and daddy....(mommy made gluten-free/dairy-free pizza for the kiddos) and played in the warm sun all afternoon. And a special mother's day gift from baby number 3?....I felt KICKING! Yes, at 16 weeks, baby kicked hard enough for me to notice! Now he/she won't stop!
Of course....where did the sun go!? It's been rainy and COLD all week! Summer is not coming this year, so I am told. Gotta keep the kids busy somehow!!! ACK!

Meanwhile, today I am 19 weeks pregnant and doing pretty well. The bladder infection was as a result of my pubic bone out of alignment causing stress on my ureter and bladder. The chiropractor is working on this area now even more. As this baby grows, I am feeling the weight on the pubic bone like never before. OUCH! So thankful for this little one, though. We find out the gender on the 21st of this month.

Feeling grateful for His grace these days....amidst a lot of chaos, He is our glue....our peace.
Be blessed.