Friday, November 30, 2012

My 4-week wonder woman

 Hosanna (Zanna) Joy hit 4 weeks today with a new weight of 10 lbs 8 oz.  If she continues to grow at this rate, at 10 years old, she'll be 248 pounds. Wow.

With her baby acne and rolly-polly thighs, she's the cutest baby ever. I love her.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmastime is here....

 A brief look in pictures.....early Saturday mornings.....this week's feature presentation...."The Lion King"...Toby says, "Too scary, mommy".
Zanna sleeping....during the day
 Our town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony! Utter chaos.....and not a flattering photo of anyone. :)
 Our Little Bedford Falls in our little town....this weekend - we're getting our Christmas tree!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The whirlwind of THREE!

Sorry for the delay in posting! Three kids under 5 has proven to be quite the adjustment! Every moment (except for this very moment) is consumed with nursing, changing, whining, conflict resolution, cooking, cleaning, or if we're lucky, sleeping. We've not been very lucky these days. :)

Despite exhaustion and loneliness, Tim and I are so thankful Hosanna is Piper wrote (you can click on the link from last post), "its the bubbling over of a heart that sees hope and joy and salvation on the way and can't keep it in."

She's our precious gift and we feel so very privileged to be given another chance to glorify the 
Lord with her....that's our prayer anyway. 
Thank you for your continued prayers as we are still adjusting to some kind of routine....
We're enjoying our precious family so much....we are very blessed.

Although, I must be honest, the smells, sounds and sights coming from her are not particularly 
glorified. :)
I will keep this post short, as I have to go rescue the children.

We also need prayer for health, too, as Promise has been fighting a cough, belly ache, 
and other issues that she doesn't want the doctor to know about. :) 
Toby and Promise have been dealing with the "sharing mommy" issue pretty
well, although behaviors are beginning to come out...and they are not pretty....but normal, 
I suppose. It does make parenting a lot tougher, though! 
We are so enjoying our precious family...we are very privileged and blessed....certainly beyond 
what we could ever deserve.

Two weeks old and just perfect. :)

Be blessed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hosanna Joy!

 Our precious miracle #3 is here!
Hosanna Joy Stewart came perfectly into our arms Friday, November 2 at 9:12 am weighing 8 lbs. and sporting 51 cm long. She's got a full head of dark brown hair and has already showed signs of a strong personality....opinionated about everything! :)
 We named her Hosanna for a variety of reasons, but Tim found a great word study done by John Piper on Hosanna. Click here to read:

The longer birth story will be in a later post, but here is the brief synopsis.  I started labour on Wednesday night but it was very sporadic.  We knew impending doom was coming though.  On Thursday I laboured with some dear friends who go to Promise's preschool.  They were a little nervous to ride in the car with me; I was driving.  But things really didn't get active until about 5pm when I could no longer give undivided attention to the kids, so Toby threw trucks at me during contractions in his rage.  So I asked Tim to come home and we called the midwife.

Left the kids with grandma Christina and headed off to the hospital to get the first bout of antibiotics.  At 8pm they admitted me; I was 4cm.  After a loooong and sloooowww labour, at 8:45am I felt it was time to push this sucker out but my midwife told me not to.  So I waited very begrudgingly and tried not to push.  At 9am I'd had enough and it was time to push.  Three contractions and Hosanna came out without a tear!

There were cries of joy and excitement as our healthy baby girl breathed her first.  We are so grateful she is strong and healthy.  Grandma brought Toby and Promise by to meet there new sister.  They were very sweet and gentle and Toby declared "She's cute!" and then asked if he could pet her.  Promise started to tell us the agenda for when we took Hosanna home, which included babysitting her and teaching her to crawl and walk.

They discharged us from the hospital with a clean bill of health on Saturday around noon.  We'd love your prayers as we adjust to the chaos of home life with three kids under five.  Specifically, it would be nice if Hosanna would sleep at night, not just during the day.  We're so grateful for all the well-wishes, prayers and support of you all.  We are amazed at God's faithfulness.

Be blessed.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween....40 weeks.

Greetings. Because I am not in labor and I am pretty sure this little one is going to hold out a bit longer, I will say "Happy Halloween" and to our unborn lady, "Happy Eviction Day".  Wednesday is her due date. Mom had to leave yesterday without getting to say hello or good bye to baby #3. Sigh. Her time here was precious and such an amazing help...I cannot begin to write how blessed I was to have her here....and now I am lonely for her.

Though all the feelings of disappointment, exhaustion, and hormonal overload are making life a bit more challenging this week, I know God has appointed this baby's birthday long before the creation of the world and I trust that He knows best.

But I still cried a lot today. Missing my mom....wanting to hold the baby.....wanting the kids, Tim and my mom to hold the baby, wanting Tim to get a day or two off work and wanting to be empty in the abdomen.

And so I tried to make today like any other "no mother" day....I took the kids to the bread store, the  chiropractor and then the Library. Promise, not knowing how to read, picked a book with a bunch of bunnies on it called "When the World Waited for You" was all about a bunny family waiting for their baby sister to be born. How appropriate. A little encouragement from Jesus, perhaps. The book was too short, though....instead of 10 months, it was just 12 pages....and the baby came already cooing. Sigh. :)

I have discovered that crying during a sinus infection can be quite healing.
Toby and I have cried a lot today.
I miss my mom. I am lonely....and we're all waiting...patiently.
Be blessed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

39 weeks...still counting

She drove up Sunday and arrived bearing gifts from Oregon including trucks and animals for the kids (not live ones) and blankets and clothes for the baby.

She also came bearing a servant's heart....she has assisted me in the daily run-a-round in an incredible way....setting up the baby's bed, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, mopping and of course, entertaining Promise and Toby to the point of exhaustion and giggles....resulting in hiccups. The chase begins at 7 am and doesn't stop until around 8 pm, so Grandma is getting some serious exercise! We are loving her be here....

BUT the baby is still nestled inside my belly...which is growing astronomically large and causing quite a bit of discomfort....

Yes, we've tried (almost) all the tricks of getting little baby #3 out and she is just stubborn or perhaps she knows the weather has turned blustery and prefers the warmth of my chubby belly. I dunno, but an eviction noticed is now WAY overdue in my world. We'll be 40 weeks on Halloween. Mom leaves on Sunday.....

Meanwhile, we are fighting sinus infections and sleeplessness....praying for grace for these last few days....I am so glad my mom is here....and so is Tim!
Be blessed.

Friday, October 19, 2012

38 weeks and counting

Greetings! No baby, yet.

However, I thought baby was coming Friday! Lots of contractions and flu-like symptoms for 4 days prior....then I headed over the border to see a friend and we tried a midwifery concoction we'd always wanted to try to induce stronger labor....and....well, between the puking and explosive diarrhea, whatever flu-bug I had came out....with a vengeance.

I called Tim to come home early "just in case", called the midwife and set up a time to arrive in hospital....then I asked my midwife if I could just take a brief nap....

Waking from my nap there was puking, no diarrhea and no contractions....false alarm....but at least I got a nap and an early arrival of Tim on a Friday! baby.

Kids are getting a bit anxious, but our prenatal last night served to be a positive reminder that "it's all in God's hands". So, we wait.....With great expectation for wonderful outcomes and a healthy baby girl (or boy if we get surprised!). With the in-laws gone and the kids needing extra support (as I can't really bend over very well!!) my mom is coming up from Oregon on Sunday to hang and be a blessing....and BOY! She WILL be! We are so looking forward to her company.

We're also praying baby comes while she is here as she has not been a part of Toby or Promise's births.
So exciting.
Be blessed.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Full term and ready?

So I have to buy a carseat today. I've never bought one before. I need to get a 3-in-1 so that I can use it for quite a while (until it expires! HA HA!), which is why Craigslist and kids swap are off my lists.

Yes, it is the "sign of the times"....we will be 37 weeks pregnant in just a few days and while my midwife "okayed" a homebirth, Tim and I decided that we would like the government to wash our linens, supply us with adult diapers (not for life, just immediately postpartum), feed us and let us sleep in peace instead of spending oodles of "magically appearing" money on supplies for a birth in our home....not including having to do our own "dirty" (VERY) laundry in the in-laws' machines, cook and clean up after the birth not just for the new baby, but for the other two toddlers hanging out nearby....Yes, I have a peace that a hospital birth is exactly the "vacation" this G3 mama needs.

The other reason, though, is that I tested Group B strep positive, which does not inhibit me from having a homebirth, but my midwife requires me to head to the hospital immediately when labor begins and perhaps another time throughout labor depending on how quickly labor continues....the thought of going in and out of the hospital just seems a little retarded this being my 3rd time around....I am hoping this little lady doesn't take the 16 hours Toby wouldn't be "good luck" (as it is in the Philippines) to have the baby in the car....especially OUR car....there's already mold growing in the carpet...the family vehicle doesn't NEED any more 'family' christening it. They don't test for this bacteria in the Philippines, but desperately need to as up to 30% of women are carriers and it explains why Toby had such a hard time when he arrived!

So we're still praying lady comes the weekend of the 12th, as Steve and Christina (my inlaws) will be here until the 16th willing to care for Promise and Toby and then they are gone until the 26th....then childcare will cost a bundle and the anxieties of Promise could make life a more challenging event.

But with a Costco shop yesterday for the month completed (2 hours unloading down the stairs to our basement suite) for "ready-made" dinners (as gluten/dairy free as possible), labor grub, and supplies and another shop today to get all the things Costco lacks and then dragging that junk down the stairs, I'd say that my body is heading closer towards labor! I just need a few more days hauling Costco-sized items down uneven stairs and we'll be there!

The irrational hormones have also announced baby's coming....last night, exhausted and sore, I cried....and Tim heard all about how much I hate cooking for toddlers and how desperately I needed them to sleep later than 6 am. He was gracious, agreed with me whole heartedly and rubbed my back. Good man. Then we clunked out to be awakened at 6:15 am by toddlers even though he was supposed to get up quite a bit earlier than that for work. Oops. Just blame it on a very pregnant wife.

As we enjoy another sunny Fall day (no rain in weeks and the driest October to date!), Tim is cold and my internal thermometer reads "summer has JUST begun!"....I am buying him a blanket for our bed today along with that carseat.

Everyone I meet says, "Almost there!" and I keep thinking, "Almost there??? We'll be almost there when Promise enters college." Life is speeding by these days and yet, the fatigue  and frequent (but not too frequent) contractions remind me that life is a long song. Everyday is walked by God's grace alone and with the request of His ever-present Presence. I need Jesus so much....every moment of every day....

Anybody open to getting a 2 am phone call with a request to stay with two toddlers for 48 hours for free while I usher another one into the world?

Be blessed.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beautiful kids.

 Preschool has started and my precious 4 year-old is now occupied twice a week for 2.5 hours apart from me. She has finally learned to pee and wipe without help (mostly) and is happy to announce to strangers that she is "grown up". She also started ballet once a week. My beautiful girl is also a ballerina and can't wait to make it on stage in December for her recital.

Meanwhile, Toby and I prepare for baby #3....3 more weeks and she is full term. We are praying she decides to come the weekend of October 12th. :) I am getting tired....and very large in the front. And I fell down the outside stairs to our basement suite while holding Toby....he split his lip, I hurt my hip and Promise skinned a knee....God was so good at protecting us, though! It could have been so much worse or even induced premature labor!

 So here is my constant companion....he is a bit of a "cling-on"....can't bear to be without me....a real booger of a toddler, spitting for fun, making messes and breaking toys in sheer joy....ALL BOY. But he's cuddly and cute, always willing to say "sorry" (then repeat the offense again) and happy to give mommy a 3 am. He's destroyed the couch, broken most of the toys (which is why we keep super glue in the top drawer at all times), put several holes in the wall, and now has returned to his "pack n play" for sleeping instead of his "big boy bed" because his escape attempts are disrupting the whole house....sly little monkey. His energy and zeal for life is evident and cannot be contained....even in the pack 'n play. Too bad his mommy is pregnant and needs more than 2 hours of sleep per night....
He and baby #3 can party together in the wee hours soon.
And the classic Promise pout is a daily event....we wait with bating breath for it and dance around it with such skilled avoidance....we're learning that every tantrum has a reason....and only few deserve intense discipline....the others melt with slow speech/calm voice/holding and comforting, understanding and grace (which is not always easy when you want to hang her up by her toenails!).

I love my precious kids and I am daily reminded of the miraculous gift they are....being told we'd never have our own kids and now....3 precious miracles...I am so humbled to have the privilege of being with them every day....every one different....unique....beautiful....challenging and every one called of I pray for Toby every night..."May you grow to be a man of integrity, honor, wisdom and valor...a man that loves Jesus with ALL of his heart in Jesus' Name, Amen!" And for Promise, "May you develop into a compassionate, joyful warrior who fights in love for justice and peace wherever you go and may you walk in obedience to Jesus no matter the cost, in Jesus' Name, Amen."

We are blessed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

As promised.....

 A Saturday family hike through a nearby park. :) Toby and Promise were determined to "crush, smash, and pulverize" any insect or crawly thing...Toby's favorite: the spread of guts from the large Northwest slug.

 Careful steps for the Bird and me.
 Then into the car for Toby's favorite new snack...a WHOLE apple (he won't eat them if they are cut up)

While Mommy was gone in California, Daddy took Promise and Toby to the local zoo.....

 The best part was being able to chase the peacock across the park!
 Then Mommy came home and took Promise and Toby to our dear friend's house on Promise's birthday! Angela runs a daycare with TONS of toys, so we came for a visit with cupcakes for all the morning of Promise's special day. Angela made it even more special!
 Then it was time for Promise's partay!
 She invited 3 special friends mini-golfing and Toby got to tag along, too! Mini-golfing with toddlers is a very entertaining event. Only one golf-ball sized bump on Toby's head and a small golf-ball sized bruise on Elijah's face.....the girls stayed intact.
 Then it was back to our house for gluten-free, dairy-free cake!

 And I forgot to mention that our dear friend, Bea, from Switzerland sent Promise a beautiful ballerina leotard and skirt that Promise got to wear to a Pinkalicious Birthday Party for her friend, Sloan. :)
 Toby's favorite snack: Dairy-free raspberry smoothie with a straw to blow bubbles with!
 Promise, too, was a BIG fan.
 And then, to separate all the fun and excitement of August: Promise's 2x-a-week-nap-on-the-couch....She's so cute....My precious 4 year old!
 And last, but certainly not least.....our anniversary weekend up at Mt. Baker......Tim took this shot of the lake on the drive towards the was such a peaceful can anyone doubt the Presence of God!? Wow.
We only got two pics of us and neither of them really turned out, so that's about it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A whirlwind adventure and then preschool.

Greetings. Sorry for the very long delay in posting. I am just now catching my breath from the busiest August I could have ever dreamt.

After a few hikes with the kiddos around our area, we thought that would be enough adventure for the rest of the month.

Then my mom called.

My Grandma, living in California, was not doing well and while I knew she had been struggling with blood clots, I was told that she would be making a slow recovery. However, many trips in and out of the ICU took a toll on her and she finally requested that my mother come down and see her.

My desire to see my Grandma had been quite strong for a while. She is my last living grandparent and my closest relative beside my parents. Her faith in Christ and her fervent prayer for her grandchildren have always been a source of great comfort and strength in my life. We would talk on the phone for as long as she could about raising kids in faith, making Godly choices and what we were thankful for....she was precious to me and I desperately wanted to see her again....knowing this, my mom asked me to accompany her to see Grandma in  California.

Two days later, I managed to run like a chicken with my head cut off to plan 5 days worth of gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free meals for the kids, childcare for when Tim was at work for 5 days from Grandma Christina and our friend Teagan plus a playdate with their cousins, book a flight from Bellingham to Portland to pick up my mom and then fly to Long Beach, California with mom. Our budget was under $400 and all we could afford was the flight to Portland. Sensing the urgency of our visit and the desire to have me along, my parents graciously covered the flight from Portland to Long Beach so that I could go....I cried.

We arrived Wednesday at lunch time only for my dear Aunt Anita to tell us that Grandma had slipped into a coma that morning and was unresponsive. We felt though we had lost our only chance to see her alive one last came as a shock and a surprise. We raced to the hospital and cried over my Grandma's lifeless body....being kept only physically alive by machines.

My mom and I sensed immediately that she had already gone to be with Jesus and that her body was just an empty, unrecognizable shell. We sang my Grandma's favorite hymns, songs and recited all the memorable things she used to say. We laughed and cried with her husband, Phil, who had become "Grandpa" to me over the last 10 years. We all knew that her recovery from this point would certainly have to be a miracle left to the will of God....but we all knew she wanted to be home now.

The doctors tried to keep her alive until the whole family could say goodbye to her, but she died the following afternoon.
That afternoon, I had the privilege of visiting with a friend that I had met in the Philippines who I had emailed telling her I would be in town. She was only in the Philippines for 3 months, but the two of us became deeply close and Sherry became a forever friend. She raced into Long Beach to pick me and my mom up for lunch and we had an amazing, encouraging time of fellowship. She's the same age as my mom, so the two of them got along so well. It was a very precious break from the grieving and put things into perspective as we celebrated my Grandma's life with someone who had never met her.

The rest of the week was filled with planning services with family while I got to spend a very special time with my Aunt Anita. She is one gracious and generous lady! I had no idea what a precious woman my Aunt was having only seen her once in the last 15 years! I was stunned at her strong faith, constant positive attitude and gracious hospitality....being in her home and being with her was a kiss on the forehead from the Lord.

She even offered to drive us to my dear friend's wedding in San Diego....a 90-minute drive that took us 4 long hours! Arnica was getting married near the beach down south and there was no way I could go, as we just could not afford the airfare or time away from the kids, but the fact that my Grandma was not well the very same week made the wedding so much more feasible to attend! AND, my cousin, Christa, lives in San Diego and I got to see her, too, after 15 years! What a blessing to cram all that into a very stressful, difficult 5 days!

Sunday arrived, and after much fellowship with my mom (which was priceless), I was dropped off at the airport to fly home....with a wonderful stopover in Portland where my Dad, my brother, Andy and his wife, Ruth and their kids, Ben, Grace, and Levi came for dinner! What a treat.

Tim and the kids picked me up at 10 pm that night in Bellingham and I arrived to hugs and a very clean house. What a trooper they all were!

Then Monday started Tim's work week and my mad dash to make Promise's and Tim's birthdays special.....what a zoo!
Promise's was friday the 24th and we had a small party with 3 of her friends and Toby. We went mini-golfing and had a GAS! Then for Tim's birthday, we had a relaxed day doing all kinds of odd things, but mainly relaxing....

The next week yielded clean up from the previous, birthday parties and BBQs, and finally ended with our 10 year wedding anniversary. We needed a break just the two of had been well over 2 years since we had a night just the two of us without kids or alarm clocks!

Tim took me to a little cabin near Mt. Baker in Washington for Sunday night. We hiked a bit and had forgotten to get gas before heading up the we coasted all the way down the mountain on empty praying that God would multiply the gas until we could find a gas station...which were quite rare in this mountain region! We headed into the little town for gas and dinner where the only two restaurants were so full even after 8 pm, that we contemplated going hungry....the first place we tried (a pasta place) we wanted to get an order to go and they just rudely said, "We're too busy". Surrounded by families waiting hours for tables, we headed across the street....we were in the mood for pasta, but thought, at this point, we would take anything...but we had been craving fish and chips for days and days and quickly noticed it on the menu! After snagging the first table we found just after a couple paid their bill, we fell into our chairs and waited...and waited for someone to take our order...with only two waitresses and a full place, we knew it would be a 9 pm and STARVING, this pregnant lady chugged water and started to get a little light-headed.....finally the waitress came and we and chips..."Sorry...we're out." "Poutine?"...."Sorry, we're out."

We ordered what we could. :)
We went home full. :) And "fish and chips" became code for any inconvenience we experienced the next few days. :)
We slept a TON and were never woken up by angry toddlers....then we slowly made our way home to the kids after a cheap, yummy lunch at a Mexican restaurant on the other side of the border. Gotta love cheap US food. Grandma Christina graciously watched our kids for the 24 hours and said there were only a few minor beatings needed. :) Just kidding. The kids were certainly better with Grandma than they were with us when we arrived home!

Tuesday, Promise started her first day of preschool. I was so proud of her. And tomorrow will be day two.

I am eager to get this little one outta me...I am tired and feel as though my center of gravity will soon have me sprawled on the floor...she's a big one. Eight more weeks....we can do it! However, I am hoping she comes in 6 weeks. :) I am not sure my varicosity-ridden legs can handle any more! :)

That's our life in a nutshell....whew. I will post pictures as soon as Blogger will let's being poopy right now and won't let me load them.
Be blessed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Greetings! Today was the day the kids went in for their very first surgery!
We woke them up at 5:45 am, dressed them, had them pee and drove 35 minutes to the Chilliwack Hospital where we were greeted by their nurses, Janny and Brenda. Still groggy from the early waking and lack of liquids and solids, the kids slowly answered the nurses questions and mommy and daddy dressed them in their pretty hospital gowns.

They got special stickers on their hands covered by Pooh Bear and Princesses to numb the skin for their injection. Then they got special bracelets marked with their allergies and their names and were sent off to play in the BIG plastic castle in the surgical waiting room. Decked out with a TV playing the Magic School Bus and filled with toys, Promise and Toby were in hospital heaven! They perked up and were in very good spirits. Thank you, Jesus!

Then it came time for Toby to head into the anesthesiologist's room with Daddy. He gave me BIG kisses and while they prepped, Promise and I played castle/dragon/princess games.

Then they called for Promise. We had a quick pee and headed down the hall. We got special hats that looked like shower caps and little booties to put on. Then we talked to the anesthesiologist explain to us about the special mask that Promise would wear to fall asleep. I translated for her. :) She seemed to understand that she got to wear the special mask that would give her special air to breathe so she could go to dreamland. :)

Once on the operating table, they tucked her in a heated blanket and held the mask out for her to wear. She stared at me while I talked to her about what was happening, prayed with her, and said "I love you" lots....then her eyes rolled back (which made me get very's scary to see your baby's eye roll back into their head in a forced sleep!!) and she went to sleep.

I sat in the waiting room meeting Tim there. He said Toby was NOT a fan of the mask and screamed and squirmed until passing out. :( Promise was a pro with that! We waited a bit longer and I passed Toby's bottle and blankie to Tim when he was called to meet Toby in the recovery room just 20 minutes later!

Shortly thereafter, they called me to meet Promise in recovery, as she was just starting to stir. I walked in to find a VERY dazed Toby in Tim's arms with goo draining from his ears and an even more "out-of-it" Promise gazing at Toby. A little creepy, I must say! But I was so thankful they were both out, happy and okay. Their "stickers" were taken off and they were wheeled into their own room where they were given some Advil/Tylenol and we were given a prescription for antibiotic drops for the ears and a list of dos and don'ts.

Within about 20 minutes or so, they were drinking juice and munching cereal balls talking about how their ears were sore and how much they wanted to go. :)

We changed them and took one last visit to the "castle" in the play waiting room and headed for the car.

Tim and I were thrilled at how well they did....not one issue, difficulty, tantrum or incident! We thanked the Lord over and over again for protecting our precious ones.

Promise's main focus was...."It's time to buy a FISH!" We promised her that after her surgery, she and Toby could pick a fish (partially for her Birthday present, too) all she really cared about was getting to the pet store as fast as possible to pick out a fish.

Once there, it took what felt like decades for her to pick a fish only to find out that the one(s) she wanted (while only between $0.41 and $2.29) needed to be put in aquariums designed strictly for tropical fish (a total bill of well over $50 for all that!) so we decided to distract with a Betta fish. Yeah, right. After much explaining about the sicknesses that tropical fish may endure without their $50 tanks and their need for light, plants and rocks, Promise finally decided that "Goldie" (the name of her potential fish) could be a Betta. She picked a lovely ugly duckling of a fish. While the bright red and blue ones sparkled in the water, Promise chose a brown male with slightly golden fins. I had to laugh.

We brought Goldie home and set up his bowl complete with some rocks and a cardboard background for ambiance and he blended into his world well....not to mention the kids were sufficiently distracted while I cooked breakfast and Tim managed fish time.

We had a great day together and I was so grateful Tim was able to take the day off to join us....I don't think I would have been able to do all that AND keep things peaceful without him. God is faithful.

Thank you for your prayers. At bedtime tonight, we put in their drops, gave them their tylenol and placed Goldie in Promise's room....all is quiet now. I am so thankful for God's gracious provision...and health insurance....their meds cost less than her fish!

Be blessed!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 Isn't my 'almost-4-year-old' beautiful? She is just lovely. Just a few more weeks and she will be the BIG 4! And with that comes a host of responsibility....she will now have to put her own dishes in the dishwasher, take her own clothes to the dirty clothes hamper and put them away when washed, and a few other grown-up chores. :) She seems pretty excited about the concept of growing up, though with the new baby coming, she still wants to eat on mommy's lap and occasionally be fed by mommy's hand...that will definitely have to stop once baby comes! I can't spoon feed THREE children at once!

This weekend was a "civic holiday" weekend, but Tim had to work on Saturday, so we spent Sunday and Monday sinking in as much "vacation" time together as possible. :) We're trying to pay off debt and save money so our outings have been more creative than your usual summer vacations. There have been A LOT of trips to the Library, McDonald's Play Place visits only buying a small fry, trips to the "free" local dairy barn to see the cows, goats, turkeys, pigs, and horses, trips to the "train park" (also known as Mill Lake Park, and this weekend....? A trip up our "mountain" for a hike.

Tim had a great idea to drive to the top of our mountain (Eagle Mountain) where all the MASSIVE houses are and travel the trails where housing development has only just begun. Though I know we're not supposed to play in construction sites, this area has been abandoned until the massive houses below are sold. So we adventured!

 So we found a dirt/gravel trail up the mountain and began to "climb". We found LOTS of concrete blocks, piping, and empty drains.....
 And a lovely view of the United States and our city!
 We climbed all over the concrete....saw pretty wild flowers, chased grasshoppers and butterflies, and threw rocks.

 Toby found a tube!
 And another vantage point!
 Then the kids got tired and Daddy gave them a ride.....
We took a break in some piping avoiding the sun....

And had a really great time just 3 minutes from our house! Who knew such adventures awaited us so very close!?

This week will be another adventure...though one of a different sort. On Thursday, the kids go in for their very first surgery. They are getting tubes put in their ears to help with their frequent sinus/ear infections. I am hoping it will also help with Toby's lack of balance (he falls all the time) and difficulty hearing certain letters. For Promise, I am praying it will keep her from all those pesky ear aches and irritable outbursts from not being able to hear! If you think of them, please pray for them on Thursday morning. Two kids under general anesthesia waking with ear aches may not be fun for anyone.....but thankfully since Tim worked Saturday, he can come with me on Thursday to the hospital! Thank you, Jesus!
Be blessed.