Friday, July 25, 2008

about a buntis....

Greetings! Just above is my continuity (my last one until long after Promise Grace is here!). Karrel became my patient after I pestered her one too many times to get a urine analysis and go the doctor for medication for her awful urinary tract infection. She was not originally my continuity, but she seemed to end up with me almost every Friday....much to her dismay perhaps as I was VERY tough on her. 

When I first started her prenatals, her anemia was so bad that Mercy Clinic would have had to transport her if she went into labor! Her UTI was so severe that no water therapy seemed to help. She struggled to drink more than 3 glasses of water a day and seldom ate breakfast before prenatal exams and some of these women wait for two hours or more to see a midwife!!! Her baby wasn't growing much, either. 

Needless to say, I was breathing down her neck to whip her into healthy shape before her punkin arrived...we argued about nutrition, what iron or multivitamin supplement to take, when to get her urine seemed like all our prenatals were a fight...a good-natured one, though. She was a good sport and would smile her beautiful smile as she told me for the 4th week in a row that, "no, she didn't get her urine tested....and no, she didn't take her iron supplement". 

That is until she got fed up with my bugging her....I gave her a bottle of my iron supplements because my iron levels have been testing high (Praise God!) so that she could no longer use money shortage as an excuse not to take them, I gave her an egg at every prenatal visit to make sure she'd eaten and a BIG glass of water, too. Her baby felt small....

But by early July, her hematocrit SHOT up passed the dangerous anemic stage (YEAH!) and her baby grew so much her belly actually looked pregnant at 37 weeks! Ha ha ha! The only thing left was the doctor visit.....and she went! Got meds! Took ALL the meds! And was no longer having anymore pain. YEAH! AND then....she passed her due date...we waited and waited....we were going to have to stimulate labor with evening primrose oil if she didn't deliver by today (Friday). BUT GOD!!

So I was getting ready to go to Primary Health Care class on Thursday when I got a text from the birth room saying, "continuity in labor". ACK! Fantastic, but I had no idea how far along she was. So I raced to the birth room in my street clothes to find Karrel ALREADY pushing! FANTASTIC! So I quickly changed into scrubs and 20 minutes later, Karrel's baby girl came without any problems!! YEAH, JESUS! Healthy and FAT, her little one was quite vocal with the situation at hand and immediately breastfed! Good baby.

Karrel, despite borderline anemia, did not hemorrhage too bad. She did get pretty dizzy in the bathroom and had to lay down in there while I inserted an IV, but other than that, she did wonderfully and was so healthy for the birth of her baby. When all vital signs were taken and both mom and baby were examined, Karrel ate healthy foods and rested without any issues! Thank you, Jesus! 

To me, Karrel's life and her baby are a success story of God's grace and the benefit of working hard and applying discipline when you really don't want to. She is an inspiration! To think that just a month ago, she would have to been transported to DMC to have her baby because she was severely anemic and had an infection.....but she worked hard to get healthy for her baby...and as a result, in such a short time, she didn't tear with the passage of the baby, she didn't have to be transported, and her baby girl is so healthy! YIPPEEE!

So that's the last delivery for a long time....for now, I am strictly on prenatal exams, well-woman exams and inital prenatals....the birth room has caused me to have too many symptoms of pre-term labor! We've only got 3 1/2 more weeks until Promise is allowed to come! Tim is getting really nervous at THAT thought! :) But we don't want her coming any sooner than that, so birth room duty is out. But I am sure staying busy with classes, assignments, and clinic! Whooopeee! 

Tim and I are having some adventures here and there, too, in between the work and business...just the other day, we nearly had to suture an area of our bunny never seen before!! Having two male bunnies has led to some serious and dangerous bunny fights usually ending up with spattered blood and an angry bunny...BUT, they are both still alive. The story is morbid, so if you wanna know the "rest of the story", you'll have to e-mail us. :)

Feeling BIG and somewhat weak as we enter into the 34th week of pregnancy....nervous and feeling a little lonely...dehydration is constant battle as I sweat through most days....frustrated at times as I doubt my own abilities, but I am constantly reminded that His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in my weakness. My midwife, Lois, is a really awesome support in reminding me of those things when contractions get really strong, when the constipation is just awful or when my herniated disc slips and causes me to keel over in pain....this too shall pass....

Thank you again for all your prayers and encouragements! Please keep commenting so we know you're reading! Otherwise we get lonely! Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had one last delivery that was good before you take your leave. You are very courageous in dealing with some hardships. Pregnancy isn't an easy thing...labour isn't either, but you will come through marvelously
because you are from tough stock! Love ya bunches!

Rachel said...

Hi Bethany,

(Lovely name - we named our youngest, now 15, Bethany). I love reading your posts. I check every day (sometimes more than once if nothing has been posted) to see what you have to say that day. I love reading your's and Tim's posts. We (my husband Kenton) are friends of your folks from church. We think they are great and we love them. I can't wait for you and Tim and Promise to come home on furlough so I can meet you in person. I am praying for all 3 of you every day. Keep up the great writing.

Rachel Johnson

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany, I think of you lots and check on your blog often. Finally Lois has a battery for her computer so we were able to talk this week and I asked how things are going with you. Hang in there-it won't be long now! Will look forward to hearing all about it. You have a great midwife! Dorothy

Heidi said...

Hey my friend,
you did it, you made it all the way and completed your last birth shift - I am so proud of you, because I truly understand that is no easy feat! Good on you for having the courage and perception to be hard in love, with your eye on the big picture - Karrel is blessed because you cared. So I can't believe you guys are already 34 weeks! Time flies and soon Promise will be in your arms!!! I leave soon for Zambia, so I will text you when I am there - so you guys can keep me updated. You are in my prayers - her name is Promise for a reason ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim & Bethany,
We've got Internet! I was so proud of the way you handled Karrel in her pregnancy and birthing. You don't give up. You keep loving even when people don't care about themselves. Your persistence will save many lives, in more ways than one.
I am relieved to know that now you are free from the stress and strain of the birth room. Replenish those fluids, put your feet up and talk to your Father at least three times a day.
Doc Sylv