Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Starbucks. :(

As Tim mentioned last post, he DID have a cup of Starbucks coffee and enjoyed it immensely. Some of you asked if they finally opened a Starbucks in Davao....There are few times here when a cup of Starbucks appears by some miraculous act of love from God. Alas, there is no Starbucks in Davao...or on Mindanao...or anywhere in the Philippines except for Manila (the northernmost island) where the citizens can actually afford the stuff. Therefore, smart globetrotters who make it to Manila graciously snag a pound or two of the most coveted coffee beans and share them with us poor, deprived Nestle instant coffee drinkers. Starbucks is a luxury and a hot commodity. *Sigh*

Yes, there are certainly more important things in life than good coffee, but if you're feeling sad as you drink your Gingerbread Latte, Espresso, Peppermint Mocha or Ethiopia Sidamo Bold cup of joe, we welcome your pity and would love a pound! :)  
Enjoy your coffee!
PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY! You are now, officially, a senior citizen! Discounts, discounts, discounts!


Anonymous said...

I think that because you have been such a good little girl this year, Santa will make sure that there is a pound of Starbucks coffee coming your way. With the help of a little elf in BC.
Love Nicole

Anonymous said...

I'd love to help. We do have a weight limit, however (I may get accused of selling the stuff on the black market if I bring in 50 pounds of Starbucks). Besides which, I've got other treats I want to bring. Send me your list! Still working on the ticket; keep praying. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

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John Goff