Monday, January 26, 2009

Can you say, "GOD IS WAAAY COOL!?"

Greetings! Sorry for the delay in postings....we have some crazy stories to share with you....about getting caught in a storm in the middle of nowhere, thievery, the ultimate and overwhelming power and grace of God....but I'll let Tim write about that in a bit....but first...

So my friend, Lisa came all the way from White Rock, BC to check out what Tim and I have been up to since last I saw her about 4 years ago! And this morning, she came with me to day shift.

Shift started out quiet...just cutting gauze and sterilizing. I was up to catch a baby first, so when Neneng came in, Lisa and I jumped up to serve.

Neneng was reluctant to go to the CR to pee and wash...she looked active....she wanted to get to the bed as fast as possible. So just like that, she was brought to a birth cubicle and 6 minutes later, Leah Mae was born weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces and sporting a sweet skin tag on her ear and several little Mongolian spots. A perfect, uncomplicated birth for Lisa to experience. Peaceful.

During Neneng's postpartum period, Jenn, Jordan and I were faced with countless baby checks, newborn screening exams, and the like. Ate Susan, our supervisor was filling in upstairs in prenatals. In and out patients came and Lisa got to observe a bit of the chaos of the birthroom.

But it gets even cooler! Do you remember Bel? See the pics above? It's from October of 2007! She was my very first patient...her baby girl was the first baby I ever caught! And do you remember? I got to name her! I had the privilege of naming Bel's 4th baby girl, Precious Grace. :) Sound kinda similar to a certain baby I know!?

Well, Bel came in 7 months pregnant with baby number 5 this morning and I got to do her prenatal and be her midwife! I was almost in tears when Ate An-An shared with me that Bel was here and was looking for me! What an incredible joy to be able and chosen to deliver another baby for her! She is due March 25.

In other patient news, Cherry Mei's baby is doing well. Anna is due right now :) and my other continuity, Ruby, is due just after her in February. Please pray for Ruby, as her baby has been consistently breech. She's almost 36 weeks, so the baby must turn very soon in order for her to deliver at MMC. 

Meanwhile, Promise is accompanying me to microbiology class today, as Tim, our new visitors Doug and Steve, and Lisa are at the water project site. Busy...crazy...learning how to juggle. Stay tuned for the long insane story from our nutso weekend!

Be blessed! And keep those comments coming....we're sorry we've been too busy to write consistently! We'll try and pick things up again!


Emilie said...

Is the baby in the pictures newborn? I don't know if it's the angle of the pictures, but she looks so big! Glad things are going well for you! Bethany - if you don't mind, could you write about what you are doing after you graduate? Are you continuing missionary work or coming back to Canada? What do you have to do to become licensed in Canada after having graduated from Newlife? Blessings - Emilie

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany, What a crazy life you have! You are juggling things admirably well.

jenna and brianna konkle said...

Seeing old patients is such a blessing eh, Bethany!! And it sounds as though YOU were just as much a blessing to her- she was looking for you to be her midwife AGAIN!! How cool is that?! You better start thinking up another meaningful baby name, I assume you'll have a role in that again as well! BETHANY! I miss it there so much, i'm so glad to see you're not taking a single moment for granted... be blessed as you serve, there's nothing better!

Anonymous said...

God is waaaaayyyy Cool!

Love ya,