Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Virtual Prenatal!

Greetings! Since Tim is busy with water stuff and is waiting to update you all on the project until some deals go through, I am writing again. This time I decided to give you a play-by-play of a prenatal exam!

So as I shared a few posts ago, my continuity, Ate Lisa from church, is due in late August. I have been doing her prenatals at her home as she is a super busy mother and tends to an elderly woman as well. Because Tim and I are headed West for furlough in the middle of her pregnancy, I asked my friend, Beth (also Bethany!!) to accompany me into Agdao for her prenatals and take care of her while I am away. Beth is an awesome first year midwife that will be heading to her home in Illinois in a week to deliver her MOTHER'S 13th baby! Crazy! Needless to say, Beth has a lot of birth experience. :)

So pictured above is Beth, Ate Lisa and I as we began her prenatal exam...

I was able to take Promise with me....and Ate Lisa's oldest daughter jumped at the chance to play with her....the kids nicknamed her "Princess Promise". :) Promise loved the attention. We were also able to provide Ate Lisa's family with a whole lot of eggs...a pregnant mother's most vital piece of nutrition here in the Phils. :)

So first, I asked a lot of well-being questions such as, "Are you feeling tired or sick? Are you feeling your baby move? Have you had any problems? How is your family? Any pain? Any edema?" Ate Lisa shared that she was doing great. She looked great, too! I won't divulge everything...Then we took her blood pressure....normal!
Beth took notes in her chart....
The Lady Bird played with Ate Lisa's two other daughters...
We gave her the second tentanus injection....just a little pinch. Took her pulse and chatted about nutrition and a healthy water intake.

Then it was time to palpate the baby...GOOD GROWTH! We measured her tummy, felt all the baby's small parts...a foot, the's position is perfect.
Beth found the baby's heart tones...normal and healthy! We listened to the placenta sounds...whoosh, whoosh...everyone stood around anxious to hear an explanation of all the obscure tummy sounds...
We chatted a bit more about her family, previous births, scheduling and when to contact us regarding problems or labor signs...then we prayed for strength, wisdom, provision, joy, peace and health, thanked the Lord for His many blessing, hugged and took our last picture....
And here we are with all the neighbor kids, too! Beth, Olivia (our translator and friend), Promise and I headed towards home on the visit: June 5.
The end. I love my job.
Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Did you say thirteen kids?!!!
What a Mother's Day she has!!
Thanks for the pictures of you, Bethany. Even though I love to see my grand-daughter, I also love to see my daughter. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Bethany I'm enjoying your stories and pictures. It's Mother's Day in North America on Sunday. I was thinking about how many mothers you have blessed (this one included) in the last two years. Congratulations on getting all your work done. You are amazing! And Happy first Mother's Day!
Much love, Mum

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
I'm so pleased that you are getting such good training with so much hands on experience to go with the book learning. What could be better? And now you are training someone else!

The Lord has blessed you so much - as a mother, as a midwife helping mothers and as a precious daughter - and you are a blessing to all of us.

Love and prayers,
Aunt Sylv