Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ol' Peg Leg

I got a haircut today at a barber shop. You know the kind with the barber pole outside? The kind of place that has a chair that looks like it's been there for 50 years. I was hoping for a nice relaxing straight razor shave. Unfortunately the guy working there looked like he was about 23 years old, and based on the uneven haircut he gave me, I feared a shave might end with a trip to the hospital. He did a decent job of tidying up my beard though. I needed to get 'cleaned up' because I left my electric razor under the bed at Mum & Dad's place, and I was beginning to resemble one of Captain Hook's accomplices.

Speaking of Captain Hook... No, I'm kidding. I have no clever way to segue from that last paragraph. So we're in Oregon, hanging with Bethany's family. They're my family too, but not in a Menonite kind of way.

Ok, so nothing much has actually happened recently. We had a great visit with lots of friends and family in Vancouver, and now we're having a nice relaxing visit in Oregon. I've been reading lots (thanks to Uncle Bob, Andy & RuthAnn, and Dad for the reading material) and I spent an hour poking around the backyard with my macro lens and tripod.

Bethany had to get a minor procedure done at the clinic today. She had a wickedly infected in-grown toenail that was becoming quite the affliction. The doc took care of it and gave her the offending portion of her claw as a trophy. Eww. She's in lots of pain, but every four hours she pops a happy pill and everything is right with the world again. She's hobbling around the house like she's got a wooden leg. Ah crap, there's my segue! Too late, and I ain't going back.

We're all climbing on a plane tomorrow and flying to L.A. When I say all, I mean Bethany and Promise and I; B's parents, Jim & Connie; and B's brother, Andy, and his wife, RuthAnn, and their three kids, Grace, Ben, and Levi (aged 5, 3, and 11 months respectively). I hate flying—somebody's annoying kid is always crying.

In Los Angeles we will be joining Bethany's extended family for a three day Mexican cruise. It will be a wild time I'm sure. I'm looking forward to it. Apparently there will be lots to eat on the boat. Nice.

I have just a bit of work related news. Toti and the guys are currently working on distributing water filters to an entire community, called Gatungan. I've mentioned it once or twice here before, but it is actually happening this week. A whole group of very cool Australians and Canadians have pooled their resources to make this happen and we're all very excited about it. I encourage you to visit the Impact Network site and follow along as Toti reports their progress to the rest of the group.

I'm super tired, so I'm outta here. Sorry the blog postings are few and far between during our vacation. Sorry that when they finally do arrive, you get stuck with a sleepy Tim who has little to say. Here are a couple pics of Promise with a few of her cousins. And a flower. Everybody loves flowers.


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Heather said...

Everybody loves flowers indeed. That one is a major goody! Oh, the kid pics are cute too. ;)

Happy crusin'!