Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost home....

Sorry for the LONG delay! We've been tromping through the country with and without internet so updating has been difficult!

Alas, we are on the final two days of our time in North America. In the last 4 weeks, Tim, Promise, and I have traveled to Ontario for Tim's cousin's wedding, journeyed to Gabriola Island with Tim's parents, visited countless friends throughout the lower mainland, celebrated Promise's 1st Birthday (3 times!) and Tim's 30th Birthday, and now....I am packing for the journey home.

We have definitely missed the serenity and quiteness of our home in the Phils. We counted how many different kitchen sinks Promise has bathed in during our Western tour and counted 11 different bathing grounds! She's slept in 9 different locations in 9 different beds....and she's been a trooper.

We have been blessed beyond measure and loved beyond deserving. God is faithful.

We'll share more when we safely return to the Phils.
For now, know we are still around and will update soon!
Be blessed!


navieira said...

Miss you already, what a treat to see you though and can't wait to hear more stories. Blessings, love Nicole

Anonymous said...

Wish you didn't have to go. :(