Friday, February 19, 2010


Greetings! Bethany here...writing from sunny and cold Gresham, Oregon!
These past two weeks have been such a blur...a "brrr blur". When Promise and I touched down in Portland, exhausted and smelly (Promise barfed on the plane), my precious dad was there to greet us with coats and smiles. :) It was such a blessing to see him...Promise recognized him, but was just a bit unsure about life.

The next few days proved to be very trying and tiring. I got the flu. A bad bad flu. Promise wasn't sleeping and spent each night calling out for her daddy. We cried a lot and between barfs and diarrhea, we coped. My mom came back from California the Sunday after we arrived and Promise greeted her as if she had been missing her for years....screams and screeches of delight and excitement bursted from her and of course, my mom was equally excited. Grandma Con is her friend. :)

Mom and dad helped me through the woes of the flu and manned The Bird for me as I tried to study for my NARM exam. My brother even volunteered to watch her here and there! However, studying was just not happening....I was just feeling too icky, tired, jetlag and overwhelmed with life. I was feeling as though my urinary tract infection and fever were returning, too...making me nervous.

Then my dear friends, Heidi and Kate came from Vancouver to pray over me and to encourage me. They made the 6 hour drive just to bring me vitamins and build me up! I was so blessed! We had an amazing whirlwind time of prayer for our futures, for the NARM exam, for see....about 3 months after Promise was born, I noticed a little physical abnormality but was not sure if it was something serious or something that could just be dealt with later in life. After having my suspicions confirmed with the advice and expertise of nurse practitioners, Heidi and Kate, I felt like it was time to go to pediatric specialist. However, I have no insurance and no way to receive care for neither Promise or myself.

Then enters a very special doctor......I had met Dr. Sayson in high school....the father of a saxophone rival of mine, he and his wife came to all the competitions and concerts. I had no idea at the time that our paths would cross in such a divine way.....
Dr. Sayson runs a free clinic for patients without health insurance in the Gresham area. The Good News clinic serves people of all races and walks of life and last Tuesday, they served me. I was floored.
My mom, Promise and I entered the clinic to find the whole volunteer staff doing devotions together. We were greeted so warmly and were told that there was one opening that morning for me!

After devotions, the nurse checked me in and I had to pee in a cup for the urine analysis. Dr. Sayson came in and after discovering our strange past connection, he asked me what I was up to now....I shared about the Philippines and the journey we've been on....he got so excited sharing that he is Filipino and has a vision to start a charity medical/midwifery clinic in the Philippines, too! We were able to encourage each other and he asked me to come and speak at his Bible Study that Thursday night. I was so grateful as my urine analysis came out completely clear of infection! He referred me for an ultrasound to make sure some of my other concerns were alleviated and also checked out Promise, agreeing that a referral to a pediatric doctor would be necessary.....I left there feeling at peace, but recognizing that there was quite a lot of work ahead of me.....

Wednesday came and I headed to my long-awaited NARM midwifery certification examination. I drove to the testing site in tears....grateful the day had finally come. Completion. The first half of the exam was a challenge and despite my many trips to the washroom, I managed to finish the first session 2 hours early! I headed out early to find some lunch.

While lunching, Dr. Sayson called sharing that he had booked me a FREE appointment with a pediatrician for Promise for that very afternoon. I was so thankful, but mildly concerned as my exam was to last until 5 pm. The pediatrician said I could come as late as 6 pm....I wasn't sure that we would make it in time. However, 1 pm I was allowed to reenter the testing site and take the second part of the 8-hour exam. I prayed that the Lord would quicken my mind so that I could get Promise for her appointment....I finished in 1 hour and 40 minutes. The 8-hour exam was finished in 3 hours and 40 minutes. God either answered my prayer or I REALLY had no idea what the right answers were! Ha ha ha! (I find out the results in 3 weeks).

I raced to mom and dad's place to pick up my mom and Promise. We booted to the pediatrician making it there at 4:30 pm. :) She saw Promise and shared that the problem was not as serious as originally suspected and that a simple regimen of medication should solve the problem! I was so blessed. The fun part was that this lovely pediatrician knew my brother and had attended his church! What cool connections!

The next day, I went to purchase Promise's prescription...$150.99. OUCH! I felt the Lord gently remind me that He was going to take care of all the I put it on my visa and prayed that God would provide in all the places I lacked.

That evening I had an opportunity to speak and share the adventure Tim, Promise, and I have been on these last 3 years....the group I shared it with were so encouraging and upon leaving, I was given a "blessing" that I later opened up in the car on the way home....can you guess what it was?? Right...$150 cash. God cracks me up! I was so humbled. I also received a check in the exact amount that I had arrived in Portland with that I had spent on necessities such as groceries, underwear, and items I couldn't purchase in the Philippines....THE EXACT AMOUNT! God floored me again.

This morning, my brother asked me share a message on stepping out from fear and stepping into faith to a bunch of high school students! Well, with the kind of week I had, I had lots to share!

After speaking, mom and I headed to the ultrasound clinic to check out on my pregnancy. Though I have no insurance, my mom gave me the precious gift of seeing the little one inside...we marveled together at the sight of this squirmy monkey in my belly and the ultrasonographer, though not at liberty to comment medically on the state of things, shared with us that the little monkey is A BOY!!! We're having a baby boy! Meanwhile, we had a wonderful conversation with the ultrasonographer and found out that he has a deep desire to serve the poor overseas! What a coincidence! Mom and I shared about Dr. Sayson and about Impact Nations...he was excited to discover that so many opportunities were waiting for him! We'll see where it all goes! I am hoping to find out the results of my ultrasound by next Tuesday.

So two weeks of Divine appointments come to a close and I am FRIED....but my soul is refreshed and my spirit is invigorated knowing that my Saviour has prepared my path and has spoken clearly the steps I am to take all the while making some incredible connections! I have been floored by His mercy.

We are missing Tim terribly and know that he is very busy at home making some amazing connections with the water project. We are eager to see him next Thursday.
All this to say...THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR US! YOUR PRAYERS HAVE MADE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT! God is on the move and we are so thankful to be leaning against Him as He continues to move us on.
Please pray for this coming journey on Wednesday as Promise and I (somewhat reluctantly) leave my parents and her cousins to board a plane for a very long trip home. Thank you all again.
Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a testimony! Our God is so good. I'm reminded of Jesus saying we would have troubles in this world, but take heart, or he has overcome the world.
Aunt Sylv

Kate said...

I kept checking for a new blog, and here it is. I am so glad to hear how your week turned out! God is truly awesome. Enjoy your last few days in Oregon with your parents and hug that beautiful bird for me.
It was so great to see you! Hope to catch up soon on Skype and hear the details.
love Kate

~*Beth Butler*~ said...

Oh my gosh Bethany! Crazyness. Your post reminded me that God is HUUUGE and my imagination is so, so tiny-small. What crazy blessings you have been receiving even as your body takes a beating and a half! Can't wait to see you before you take off for the Phils. I'll be praying for that torturous flight ;o)