Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tearing down walls

So we are still settling here in Abbotsford. This coming week, we will be knocking down our living room/kitchen wall to connect our bedroom to the rest of the basement suite while expanding the kitchen a bit. This is pretty exciting because this tiny kitchen is in desperate need of cupboard space and the wall coming down will help. :)

Other walls are coming down, too. Walls of miscommunication that have grown over 9 years of marriage between Tim and me are beginning to crumble. Walls of fear and insecurity are slowly coming apart, too. Tim and I are realizing just how weak and unstable our foundations have been and how hard they are tumbling down. We are so grateful we serve a God of restoration.

Speaking of restoration, we are excited for tomorrow evening. We were connected with a couple in their 80s at our church who have a ministry mentoring couples. Tomorrow night, we have the privilege of meeting with them while my dear friend, Arnica, babysits. I cannot begin to tell you what an incredible blessing it is that they are willing to meet us and how amazing it is that God even provided Arnica to watch our kids.

We had a interesting week regarding restoration. One of our dearest friends, whom you have read about on here, I am sure, came all the way from Ontario via New Zealand to visit us. Aunt Sylvia, of the famous Uncle Bob and Aunt Sylvia, stayed with us for a few days just to BE with us. Her presence was deep deep refreshment for our spirits.

This was the first time we had seen her since the death of Uncle Bob, so it was a time to share each other's grief, but also share the wonderful memories we had together. You see, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sylvia were our precious mentors, but even more than mentors, they were our spiritual parents....our dearest friends. Uncle Bob passed away suddenly when we were in the Philippines, and I can honestly say, his absence has been incredibly painful.

However, having Aunt Sylvia here seemed so comfortable....even without her other half, she was whole. And she wholly devoted herself to blessing us. She held the kids while I got work done around the house, she helped with chores, she did laundry, cooked, played cards, made espresso and encouraged us. She walked through our house with us praying over each room for the Holy Spirit to take over and cried with me as I shared Tim and my current journey. We had an amazing time of dedicating our new home to Jesus. I needed that time with her. God knew that and I am so grateful she came.

Sorry this post is so scattered, I am busy listening to my tantrumming Promise in the bath tub and Tim trying to explain to her that it's almost time to get out of the tub and stop playing "hi-one" (basically playing dolls with Little People). I love my family.

Promise continues to astound me. Though she has reached the TERRIBLE part of the 'terrible twos', she is so very smart and creative. Her giggles and silly songs make every tantrum worth it. While I cannot seem to get her to eat anything but cheese, yogurt, bread, pesto pasta and chicken nuggets, she LOVES to cook and help with all the daily chores.....though I have to follow behind her cleaning up her cleaning. :)

She often talks of Jesus and believes with all her heart that He lives inside of her. She talks to him everyday. We also do a Bible study together that she gets from her children's church every Sunday. She asks if we can go to church almost every morning. I love that she is loving Jesus. She even thought the furniture delivery guy with the long curly hair and dark beard was Jesus and was so very excited he had come to bring Grandma Christina a table. :)

Toby just cut his first tooth and still explodes from his southern orifice greater than anything I have ever known (this coming from a midwife!). He loves to wrestle and is already fitting into 12-18 month clothing at just 8 months. He is so cuddly and sweet. He is saying "Da-Da" lots now and has learned to fart with his lips, which he is so very proud of. While he still cannot crawl, he is RUNNING after Promise in his mind.....his eyes are always following her and you can see he is just itching to get up!

I guess I should stop writing now. Anybody reading this anyways?
So that's what God has been up to the last two weeks in the Stewart home in Abbotsford.
We are clinging to Haggai 2:6-9....the passage God has given us for this season at home.
Be blessed. I will make sure there are pictures in the next post.


Anonymous said...

I believe Promise is a chip off the ole block. She loves Jesus because her parents love Jesus. Toby will too and both with serve Him with their whole heart. Praise God for some mentors that have been around the mountain. I know God will be glorified in your new home and peace will fill the temple.
Love ya,
Mom Mc

Vukani said...

I am reading.... I am reading!!!! miss you and praying for you lots.... cannot wait to see your beautiful faces!

Anonymous said...

You, Tim and your precious children were such a blessing to me! I am glad you saw me whole - That has been the work of the Lord over many years of learning to trust in Him, with an intensity I treasure over these past many months since Uncle Bob's death. Your blog on affliction is so true.
You call me mentor, but I see you as friend. You have been a support and a teacher to me too. I love you!
Aunt Sylv

RuthAnn said...

I want to see some pictures of the LITERAL walls coming down...not necessarily the figurative ones!!!

We miss you guys, even more so since we won't be with you right away.
give Promise and love and hugs, and squeeze something on Toby for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I also am reading...
I miss you guys too.
Glad that things are working out for you and happy that you are getting settled.
Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

I am DEFINITELY reading, and am so glad that you guys are back to blogging too :) It's a treat to be able to follow your lives in this way, and an inspiration to see how you handle the day-to-day with all of the demands of your busy schedules.
Love, hugs and blessings to y'all, Nishki