Friday, August 5, 2011


Greetings~ Summer is finally here in Abbotsford.....after a "summer" full of rain, we are getting 3-4 days of sun in a row! Time to pull out the camera and take some outside shots of the kids...
And some indoor shots, too! Toby is growing faster these days....loves to climb in and out of things, open all cupboards and empty contents on to the floor....I love this stage. He cracks me up. Almost walking, he is in constant motion....even when sleeping.
He is addicted to blueberries and I think he may be turning a pale shade of purple as a result....oh well, there are worse things to be addicted to. :)
Promise is POTTY-TRAINED! Yeah! We are accident-free for 5 days now! We started over Canada's long weekend and Tim and I were as consistent as possible rewarding Promise with a sticker and a chocolate chip with each pee or poo in the potty. She strutted her bare-bottom for 4 whole days until VOILA! She stopped fighting the potty and has now graduated to Dora undies (as seen above)....her reward for a diaper-free existence. Now we are trying to figure out how to get her out of Pull-ups during the night and nap time. I am sure that will take some time. WAY TO GO, my big girl, Promise!
We got a bit of time with the Stewart side of the family the last few weeks heading to the nearest park and playing with all the cousins.
Toby loves the park....and Grandmastina (Grandma Christina), too.
We had the kids dedicated at our church, Northview, on Father's Day and was really blessed by the richness of the ceremony and the commitment to strong accountability in our parenting in the ways of Christ. I love our church.
So these are my typical days, as of late....we bathe in the sink for fun and make messes all over the house. I love my two monkeys.

I have been processing a lot these days. I finally went to the doctor last week because my brain and body were so overloaded I was feeling as though I was losing my mind. I couldn't get a sentence out right, was forgetting the simplest instructions, got lost while driving to normal locations, could barely get myself out of bed, had trouble engaging in any conversation and just generally felt an enormous pressure in my head....almost like I had overdosed on nighttime cold meds. I was due for a physical anyways, so I thought I would just get checked out.

She asked if I was under any stress....I think that would be the understatement of the decade! HA HA HA! She quickly took my blood pressure....I am generally healthy....though overweight (what else is new!) and she prescribed a massive dose of fish oil and vitamin D. Yeah, I could've told you that! So we'll try it. I hear that it has some positive effects....lots of my friends are currently on it, too. I take my vitamins, but have never had to OD on these two helpful supplements before. We'll see.

Despite my giant brain farts and inability to communicate (sorry if I am all over the map!), God has been sharing His heart for me. I was reading John 20 this week and was touched by John 20:24-29. Remembering the sacrifice of Jesus and His resurrection, I was amazed at Jesus' continued compassion on His people. Remember doubting Thomas? He's the disciple that said to his buddies, "I won't believe that Jesus has been raised unless I feel the nail scars on his hands and the scar on his side." Even though the other disciples saw Jesus, Thomas was just not convinced.

So, a WEEK LATER, Jesus appears to the disciples out of nowhere and the first things out of his mouth are "Peace be with you!" and the second? Directly to Thomas...not in rebuke, but in compassion and love, "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe!"

Thomas does so and says, "My Lord and my God!" Jesus had every right to disregard Thomas, as he was just being a doubter. But God HEARD Thomas' request even though Jesus was not even present in the room when Thomas made that request to touch Jesus' scars! God HEARD him and not only proved to Thomas that He loved him enough to take his request to heart, but to appear to him in full humanity again making His first conversation in front of the disciples about proving to Thomas that He was indeed, the Lord. Whew. That hit me hard this week. Blessed are we who believe when we do not see! That's what this chapter ends with, and yet, God still shows His 'face' when we need to see Him...His humanity and His sovereignty all at the same time. How much care and grace our Heavenly Father has on us to show Himself when we are doubting. I am humbled. "Oh Lord, I need to SEE You."

This month, Tim and I celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary. I am taking him on a hot-air balloon ride over the lower mainland. :) The Lord provided that in a miraculous way. We have always wanted to do something like this, but it's WAY above our pay-grade and yet, God provided a half-off coupon and provided the funds....miraculously. This anniversary is unlike any other for us for a myriad of reasons...I have another gift planned, too....I can't tell you what it is, yet. :) I thank the Lord everyday for His faithfulness and redemption in even the hardest of circumstances. So, in gratefulness to God, I share with you two photos from 9 years ago this August 31st. Be blessed.

PS. I will share "balloon" pics in early September. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see some new pictures of the kidos. I miss them. Where are the pictures of the van?

Love ya,

Darnell and Christina Barkman said...

Bethany... nice to read what you guys have been up to and to hear how God is speaking to you- wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not tuning in for a few weeks - Just a few days until your anniversary (It's the 28th August!) so may God bless you both with much love, joy and peace.
Love you,
Aunt Sylv