Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blueberries, Balloons, and Birthdays....

Greetings! As are the pics of our Summer silliness. I read this silly quote today and could totally relate:
"You know you're fatigued when you find yourself licking the bottom of your coffee pot."

So above and below are pics from our frantic beach trip a few weeks ago with my side of the fam....
Promise loves going to any park and discovering all the "hiding places"...
We played a bit of volleyball, though there was little "volleying".....
Gramma Con and Papa Jim, Greatgramma Thelm and Papa Phil got Promise a beautiful, old doll house for her birthday and Uncle Andy did some modern renovations to get it up to code. :) Promise LOVES it....and much to her dismay, so does Toby. :)
We spent a bit of time on the Oregon beach...very windy!
But we found some shelter in our beach-grass bunker. :)
Then we returned home and had a small family birthday party with Promise on her actual special day of August 24th complete with cake and TONS of blueberries! (Thank you, Bea, for the wonderful candle!)
Toby enjoyed the cake, too. And we made Tim a Birthday Berry Pie....
Then Tim and I went on our Anniversary Balloon ride! Here's Tim holding the balloon open while the crew blows it up! You can actually walk right inside!
But then, they start the hot air and you REALLY don't want to be inside when they turn the fire on! It's HOT! Tim might've singed a few nosehairs just holding the balloon open!
But then we climbed into the basket along with 3 other couples and our pilot.
And got to 500 we dropped to 400 ft. and we were SAILING!
It was so peaceful....breathtaking. The only sounds you could hear up there were the occasional blast of hot air and the barking dogs attempting to chase you!
All the Mum plants in bloom down below....incredible scenery!
Then we landed in a park's parking lot missing a power line by about a foot! Awesome. So much fun!
Then we all helped deflate the balloon and pack it all into this small bag! Incredible!
Then we came home to our handsome boy....
What a HAM!
And our precious girl's birthday with the Stewart side and friends. We had a lovely tea party....
Got instructions for bashing pinatas.....
Bashed Dora and Promise's cousin, Justice, decapitated Dora with her guts of candy flying everywhere!
So we moved on to the homemade pinatas....
And of course, the homemade cake.....the end!
It was utter chaos with kids running everywhere, but my dear friend, Heather, who visited from Seattle and Tim helped to decorate and create a party atmosphere unlike I've ever seen! It was a GAS! Everyone had a great time and we all crashed into bed after cleaning up the post-party hurricane. Thank you, everyone for coming and making her day so special!

Up ahead, Promise, Toby, and I will be joining our church's weekly bible study and a few other classes during the week starting this month. She is so excited to be going to church more than just on Sunday. Pretty cool. I am thankful to be joining a community of women to learn and grow from. Exciting. We're also going to be hunkering down in our financial journey while Tim continues to work hard....he is LOVING his job and we are so proud of him.
God has blessed us this summer. I am so utterly humbled by His mercy. I love my kids and I am so grateful for my husband. God is faithful.
Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

You are indeed blessed! Love you.

RuthAnn said...

looks like a smashing good tea time!! (that was Can/ish in case you couldn't understand!!)
The balloon ride looked awesome, glad you got to do that!! The first pic of Andy's backwards tip is pretty incredible... he'd be so blushing proud! or maybe not?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and commentary! It's so good to hear that you are becoming involved in your church community. Love you!

Aunt Sylv

Heather said...

That balloon ride looks amazing!

I had so much fun with you guys. And decorating and celebrating sweet, Promise was a blast. Can't wait to come back for another visit!