Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas fun....more pics!

Toby's "What'cha talkin' 'bout, mom!?" look.
Handsome 18-month boy...
And my pretty bird.
Elton John?
Foamies stick!
Promise, a true foamie artist!
Our finished gingerbread house....


Ahhh.....the sights and sounds of Christmas.....Promise and Toby even re-enacted the Christmas story....of course Promise was Mary and Toby was (reluctantly) Joseph. The baby Jesus? Well, He was several Dora dolls. :)
I love Christmas.
Be Blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Making so many wonderful memories with these fabulous photos! Nice job on the gingerbread house. Building is fun...Demolition is the best, isn't it?

Love you and wish we could be together for Christmas. We will skype!!