Thursday, September 6, 2012

As promised.....

 A Saturday family hike through a nearby park. :) Toby and Promise were determined to "crush, smash, and pulverize" any insect or crawly thing...Toby's favorite: the spread of guts from the large Northwest slug.

 Careful steps for the Bird and me.
 Then into the car for Toby's favorite new snack...a WHOLE apple (he won't eat them if they are cut up)

While Mommy was gone in California, Daddy took Promise and Toby to the local zoo.....

 The best part was being able to chase the peacock across the park!
 Then Mommy came home and took Promise and Toby to our dear friend's house on Promise's birthday! Angela runs a daycare with TONS of toys, so we came for a visit with cupcakes for all the morning of Promise's special day. Angela made it even more special!
 Then it was time for Promise's partay!
 She invited 3 special friends mini-golfing and Toby got to tag along, too! Mini-golfing with toddlers is a very entertaining event. Only one golf-ball sized bump on Toby's head and a small golf-ball sized bruise on Elijah's face.....the girls stayed intact.
 Then it was back to our house for gluten-free, dairy-free cake!

 And I forgot to mention that our dear friend, Bea, from Switzerland sent Promise a beautiful ballerina leotard and skirt that Promise got to wear to a Pinkalicious Birthday Party for her friend, Sloan. :)
 Toby's favorite snack: Dairy-free raspberry smoothie with a straw to blow bubbles with!
 Promise, too, was a BIG fan.
 And then, to separate all the fun and excitement of August: Promise's 2x-a-week-nap-on-the-couch....She's so cute....My precious 4 year old!
 And last, but certainly not least.....our anniversary weekend up at Mt. Baker......Tim took this shot of the lake on the drive towards the was such a peaceful can anyone doubt the Presence of God!? Wow.
We only got two pics of us and neither of them really turned out, so that's about it!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Love those kids!
Grandma Con

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another visit via stories and photos. Lovely shots of kids, Mt. Baker.
Love you, Aunt Sylv