Sunday, November 18, 2012

The whirlwind of THREE!

Sorry for the delay in posting! Three kids under 5 has proven to be quite the adjustment! Every moment (except for this very moment) is consumed with nursing, changing, whining, conflict resolution, cooking, cleaning, or if we're lucky, sleeping. We've not been very lucky these days. :)

Despite exhaustion and loneliness, Tim and I are so thankful Hosanna is Piper wrote (you can click on the link from last post), "its the bubbling over of a heart that sees hope and joy and salvation on the way and can't keep it in."

She's our precious gift and we feel so very privileged to be given another chance to glorify the 
Lord with her....that's our prayer anyway. 
Thank you for your continued prayers as we are still adjusting to some kind of routine....
We're enjoying our precious family so much....we are very blessed.

Although, I must be honest, the smells, sounds and sights coming from her are not particularly 
glorified. :)
I will keep this post short, as I have to go rescue the children.

We also need prayer for health, too, as Promise has been fighting a cough, belly ache, 
and other issues that she doesn't want the doctor to know about. :) 
Toby and Promise have been dealing with the "sharing mommy" issue pretty
well, although behaviors are beginning to come out...and they are not pretty....but normal, 
I suppose. It does make parenting a lot tougher, though! 
We are so enjoying our precious family...we are very privileged and blessed....certainly beyond 
what we could ever deserve.

Two weeks old and just perfect. :)

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Hosanna Joy. :) I love her.
Grandma Con

Anonymous said...

How precious! Hugs to all, big and small :)
Aunt Sylv