Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Zanna Joy

 Did you ever hear the story of how Hosanna Joy was named? Well, let me tell you!

About two weeks before I knew I was pregnant with Toby, I had a dream while sleeping in my Filipino bed. While I do not remember what the dream was exactly, I do remember waking to the sound of a voice saying, "Her name is Hosanna Joy" and falling back to sleep.
Not knowing who Hosanna was and hoping we would be able to have another precious baby, I just assumed that Hosanna was coming when I became pregnant with Toby. I was surprised to find out that Hosanna was a TOBY! Grateful for my wonderful boy, I figured the dream was just a fluke and that the named belonged to someone else...perhaps I would meet someone of significance by that name...?

Then, after returning to Canada in 2010, our baby-having years were over. Tim looked into getting the "snip-snip" and we figured that two miracles, given all that we had been through, was plenty. However, deep in my gut, I knew we had one more coming to us...I didn't know when, but there was something incomplete in our family. Two and a half years later, I met Hosanna...not face to face, but rather as little kicks and squirms in my belly. The prophetic name given. I knew it was her the moment the pregnancy test came back positive.

My my my...she's grown so much. Only 10 weeks and already into the 3-month clothes and teething! She coos and sings...smiles for free whenever she sees me....our little reminder of God's faithfulness and redemption is daily a blessing.

 Too big for her little plastic bath tub (Promise's rubbermaid bin)...we had to upgrade to the kitchen sink.
 She even endures the constant nuzzles and knocks from her siblings with a smile.
 And when she eats, she's joined by her 'breastfeeding' brother and sister who conscientiously feed their own....
 And at nap time, she waits patiently for mommy while she reads stories to the others until it's her turn...
 Yes, Zanna brings us a whole lot of joy...
 Except when mommy has to do laundry and she's wanting to be mommy has to transport her up and down the stairs in the basket....but she is not a fan.
But then, just a little cuddle and a bum change and Zanna is back to her content and peaceful self again. Sigh. I love my Zanna.

Though mommy is struggling immensely these days, Zanna continues to remind her that 'salvation comes'.


Anonymous said...

Hosanna is so beautiful! And so is the story of her "advent". Thanks for sharing :)
Love you, Aunt Sylv

Heather said...

Love that baby. Love YOU! The pic of T and P 'breastfeeding' is PRECIOUS!