Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A week in pictures.

 Daddy and Zanna having a snuggle.

 At 4 months, Zanna LOVES the "wheel of neglect" (a.k.a. Exersaucer) in the spring sunshine!

 Our dearest friends, Paso and Laurenn traveled from afar to visit with their two precious ones, Amelia and Zeke....let's just say the noise level was louder than usual as the excitement grew!

 On Saturday, Tim and I took Toby, Zanna and Promise to Mill was the most beautiful day we'd had in months!
 One of Promise's favorite things to do is have a snuggle with Zanna while playing some "educational" game on Daddy's iPad. Zanna is always happy to oblige.

 It's hard to keep Toby off of Zanna when she is in the Jolly Jumper, but he is great at watering his growing "Zanna flower" with Promise's bumblebee watering can! He was also cooking in Promise's kitchen....Zanna stew....we'll have to watch this multi-tasker!

 Yes, we WILL HAVE TO WATCH THIS MULTI-TASKER!....Above is Toby's contribution to my having to houseclean....this was in response to Promise saying "NO!" to him. Sigh.

Then, I was having a really rough day and needed a I walked a short brisk walk and came home to find that God had answered my prayers with a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! He told me that He was giving me a DOUBLE portion of His grace....and He did. Beautiful!

 Yes, Toby is my HAM!

And Promise is my princess.

After a heavy storm in life, there has been a bit of sunshine....Zanna is still coughing and mucousy, but she is WAY happier and such a sweet girl. I JUST LOVE LOVE HER! Promise's challenges seem to be on a slight hiatus....only a few minor meltdowns per day...she is actually having one right now because I am preoccupied doing something other than serving her. Sigh. BUT she is so creative and fun when she wants to be.
Toby is getting tubes in his ears next Thursday so we are hoping that he will be able to walk straight without falling all the time and will be able to hear better. :) Poor kid....his ears are so owie!

That's the scoop this week.
Be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Yay God for a bit of sunshine! Tim, you are balder than the baby - Good thing you have such a handsome face!
Hugs for all with prayers.
Love you lots, Aunt Sylv