Sunday, November 18, 2007


Greetings! Yesterday (Saturday), Tim and I went to our first Filipino birthday party! My dear friend, An-An, from Mercy invited me to her daughter, Zoe's, 4th birthday! An-An works in the prenatal room and I have just soooo enjoyed getting to know her and her family. Zoe is the little chic in red. She is a cutie and a lot of fun. All the neighbor kids and some from House of Jubilee came for the event and we had a great time.
Dear An-An is the one in the dusty rose shirt....
And there is 4-year-old Zoe and her AMAZING cake!

And then this morning, I had day shift! What a crazy shift it was, too! I was just about to deliver a baby boy for a dear 17 year-old patient of mine named Grace, when my dear continuity named Jenevieve walked in fully dilated and ready to push!

So I handed off my Grace to my friend and midwife, Laura....head was already visible, too!

But less than 15 minutes later, at 9:11 am, Jenevieve delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. My supervisor was so gracious to let her stay as she would've certainly been a transport! She had a 29 hematocrit, which mean she was anemic and could've hemorrhaged! But God protected her and she did great!

So here is little Tiffany Villagonza with her midwife.....

And Jenevieve resting after a quick delivery! God is so good. And with every delivery, I am learning tons more and today, I did all my paperwork completely by myself! It's pages and pages of signatures, exams and check-ups....but this was the first time that I didn't have to ask TONS of questions with each step. Little by little...getting stronger everyday.

AND, I found a mouse in our house last night! I thought it was a RAT, but regardless of its size, Tim assured me it was "just a mouse". Needless to is NOT a welcomed visitor and though we have not been able to find it again, it is somewhere in my house! My bunnies are poor watch dogs....they don't eat rats or mice. I had trouble getting to sleep last night as a result!

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements this week!! We feel very cared for and that keeps us focused and confident, our ears perked up ready for the next instruction from the Lord!

Be blessed!

Tim will write the next one with more updates!


Anonymous said...

Bethany you are very photogenic, even at work! Ernie read your thank you email to the church today, and Tim's pictures of your new truck were on the front of the bulletin. Your church family loves you and is cheering you on!

heather said...

wow - you're delivering babies! BABIES! Every time I read one of your posts I get chills. It's SO cool, B!

Oh, and yes, you are very photogenic! :)

love ya!

Nicole said...

Hey Bethany, you look fantastic! I'm so glad you're feeling more confidant. All your hard work is paying off and i'm so proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Mom and Phil say hello and have added you tho their favorites. I am keeping abreast of your happenings while I am in Califoria. They send their love and best wishes for a Thanksgiving season. I pray you and Bob and Sylvia have a wonderful time. Glad they are there with you.
Hello, Bob and Syl!

Anonymous said...

Tim and Bethany it has been awhile since I connected with your blog- reports reports and more reports have been my life until yesterday!!!! now the rest of my life can begin! soooo good to catchup on your blog- amazing stories and photos- I feel like I am there with you both! blessings and love Judy

Rebecca said...

UPDATE! It's time to UPDATE!