Friday, November 30, 2007


Greetings! Things have been busy and hairy here as of late...but we are trying to get new posts up! :) Internet has been down frequently and we have been oober busy. As you can see, I have been VERY busy in the clinic....sometimes I tell the ladies that are still assisting to not be too eager to handle and catch because that's when all the work begins!!! Between birth shifts that are BUSY, and classes, homework, clinic, and student group, I have baby checks up the whazooo now! And they are all a blessing, but very time-consuming. And I am tired!

So pictured above is 6 week-old Ryu of my very first patients.....I assisted in her birth and her momma brought her in for one last check-up.....she is a beauty....ears pierced and all. :) What a blessing to see her!

And here is Jenevieve's baby Tiffany that I wrote about in last post......doing well at one week :)

And then I delivered two more babies this week! Above is Carmen and her new baby, Jayramene! Born November 26th, Carmen lost a LOT of blood and needed to be sutured, but she is doing okay now.....please pray for her as she has had a fever the last few days and a lot of pain. We have been praying for her. She was the very first birth that I did a manual rupture of membranes (whent he midwife breaks the water) and my first nuchal hand (when the baby's hand presents before or with the head). It was a tough birth, but God was there!

And here is Divina and her eldest daughter and newborn son, Christian John. He was born November 22! She was pushing so hard that her cervix swelled and my supervisor needed to push up on her cervix while I delivered the baby! It was crazy, but once again, God was faithful to birth another healthy baby!

So, Uncle Bob and Sylvia have been with us.....Tim has pictures from our journeys with them, so stay tuned! We have been thoroughly enjoying our time with them and wish they could spend Christmas with us!

In other news, we have been using our new truck to get out into the mountains and on to Samal Island to make connections with other ministries to set up clean water sites and medical's been an eventful week! God has also opened up the opportunity to get a good welder here in Davao that is currently building a water filtration system mould to get these water filters moving! YEAH!

I feel like I am in a much going on....and I am just on the outside looking in at everything's a blur. And humbling.

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

So happy to have news, Bethany! We've missed you. I had a nice chat with your Mom and Dad last night. We're praying for your dad. Ben, Holly and Micah just got home after a great vacation. Dad is off to Calgary for the weekend.
All those babies look wonderful. Babies are great. I know all you are doing is tiring, but what a marvelous way to get tired!
Enjoy Bob and Sylvia.
Much love, Mum

Darlene said...

Hi Bethany, Just got your blog address from your Mom and Dad. I am so proud of you and impressed by what you and your husband are doing. I love seeing people serve the Lord in such a wonderful way. Now that I am aware of your work, I will be praying for you. I am sure the rewards are great for all of the hard work. There is no greater joy than serving the Lord. I enjoyed reading all about what you are doing. Jerry and I are doing well. Looking forward to our kids coming home for Christmas. Planning a sleigh ride at Lake Tahoe for all. You and Tim Have a wonderful Christmas and a restful time at home on your break. Love, Darlene