Friday, January 4, 2008

Keeping Busy...Looking forward to rest.

Greetings! Pictured above is "Lovely Janice"....yes, her name is Lovely. She was born Friday night at 5:50 pm...I got to be her midwife. While she is only 4 1/2 pounds, she gave her momma, Lyla, quite the painful time! Lyla's mother, Anabelle was present for the birth, too and I soon found out that she had given birth to a beautiful daughter the previous year at Mercy! Generations changing hands just like that! Lyla did great and her bana made it on time to see his daughter's head pop out!

My supervisors even praised me for a job well-done. While I am far from being an expert in this field, I can honestly say that I am understanding more and more....this is quite encouraging!

This is Rizabelle. I watched her labor ALL night long last week and was rather sad for her when she did not progress, but was having INSANELY painful contractions. We discovered that her contractions were hypertonic and she needed to be transported for possible C-section. Sure enough, C-section later and here she is .....all smiles holding her baby boy. It was so good to see her and know that she was doing well.

And also giving birth this last week was my dear Miraluna. She had a very difficult birth....on the antipolo, pushing and pushing with thick mec staining.....and I had the privilege of delivering her baby....with the much-needed help of my supervisor, Elai. Mira did amazing, but was so tired and her baby boy, Eduard Jr., struggled to breathe in his first few hours, so we prayed and took him to the hospital while Mira got sutured.

Seven days later, Eduard Jr. is doing well and gaining a bit of weight. I get to see him tomorrow, so I will be sure to take a few pictures for you all.

This weekend, I am frantically trying to get homework done and Tim is getting lots of water project items accomplished. Amidst the new year craziness, all of us midwifery students are having to write out all our births, prenatals, baby checks, and postpartum records to get them signed by the appropriate supervisors....trying to track down every supervisor has been a bit of a bear and we have just three days to do it, but 200 prenatals later, I am almost finished with signatures. Whew.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements....Tim and I are just counting the days until we can sit without thinking of what we have to do next to meet deadlines and appointments. We are soooo looking forward to a peaceful break. Please continue to pray we get all of our work accomplished before leaving town and that the Lord will continue to guide and direct our steps....lots of changes on the horizon! Sorry I haven't been able to keep up on the blogging as of late...too many things happen in a day! Tim's much better at it! I will try to keep you all posted, though! Many blessings to you all and a very Happy New Year again!


Anonymous said...

Bethany while I was reading this I felt like I needed to remind you to breathe! Remember how you talk to your patients; just breathe! I know you well and I'm quite confident you will get everything done. We're praying for you.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Heidi said...

Bethany - I can totally relate! I am looking forward to your visit as well and can't wait to have you guys over. Hang in there - sitting on the plane knowing it is all done will be relaxing!

love ya much

Anonymous said...

Only 11 more sleeps! I can't wait. One good thing about not being able to go to India with bob is that I'll be here when you are!

Love and prayers,

heather said...

Definitely, breathe, B! It WILL all get done - it always does and Heidi's right, sitting on that plane with only a nice long break and family and friends waiting for you on the other end will be quite luscious!

Love you so much I could squeeze you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany, Sounds like you are in need of some serious down time! I can't wait to see you and Tim.