Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Midwifery 101.....and we're almost ready for take off!

Greetings! Sorry for the long we said in last post, things have been somewhat hairy. :) In a good way. Thanks for all the encouragement and reminders to breathe! As I was delivering a baby boy last night (named Gabriel) the Lord, once again, reminded me that He is in charge, the Almighty giver of life....who puts our very breathe inside. Mmmm.

So here's what this week has entailed:

I FINISHED MY ASSIGNMENT! And I am about to turn it in right now! No more assignments (except for book reports) for one whole month!!!

Two more babies were born in my care. This last little one (Gabriel) was pretty heartwrenching. The mother said that she could not afford to be a single mother with two children so her mother told her she had to give the baby to her cousin. I was pretty heart broken and asked her how she was feeling about the whole situation. She said she had no feelings either I asked her if money wasn't the problem, would she keep her son even though the father is not around....and she said, "YES!" Very exuberantly. So I asked her if she would be willing to pray and see what Jesus desired for her since money is no issue to Him...she agreed to pray with me and 10 minutes later, we were both in tears. She said that she would continue to pray for God's wisdom....I will keep you posted.

And Tim delivered TWO FINISHED water filters to very happy villages! YEAH! He will post a whole bunch of pics and a post in a bit.

Mmmm, let's see.....Joe and Tim played "manly men" this week and not only repaired Joe's leaky roof, but managed to make a whole shelving unit for all the water filter supplies and tools! Tim came home dirty every day this week.....he says that he's feeling pretty manly these days! I must say that he is looking pretty manly, too! :)

He's craving some beer and looking forward to having his brothers buy him some upon our arrival in Canada....I am looking forward to giving them all a really big hug and then taking a REALLY warm shower. :)

Needless to say, God has been so faithful these last few months and we are so looking forward to some rest with family and friends. Only 5 more days! Please continue to pray for us...we are so grateful for your encouragement and prayers. Be blessed

PS. I have hardly any pics right now as my camera ran out of batteries twice in the birth room, so I will just post some drawings I had to make for my assignments....Some might not be very pleasant to see, but hey, you know what I am doing here.... :)


Anonymous said...

Great art work, Bethany! I'm sure you got an A on this assignment.
I even recognize some of the terminology associated with our area of medicine, so now we can share experiences!!! I am believing God will provide the means for this dear mother to keep her baby. How exciting that you can introduce her to the One who is able! What a blessing! Love you dearly!

Rebecca said...

So remind me: how long is your layover in Winnipeg?

Anonymous said...

O Bethany, I had to laugh when I saw those pictures, and I was pleasantly reminded of when you began them, sitting across from me at your dining room table. They are so good! You could be an illustrator for a medical book.

Only 6 more sleeps! Can't wait.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some pretty neat pitures and artwork Bethany. Our bodies are so intricate and complex. What a Creator we have. Can't wait to see you!
Love Nicole

Kris MacQueen said...

You guys have a stop-over in Winnipeg!? I'd love to stop by the airport for a quick hello to you both if you do. Tim, can I bribe you with beer?

Rebecca said...

*I'll* give you all the beer you want. Just come!

Anonymous said...


Bethany, please get your camera fixed - right away!

Timmybomb PLEASE put some photos up on your blog so I don't have to look at that "unmentionable" stuff.

Thanks (mostly) for sharing. We love you and its great to have a window into your lives - but some windows should have shades.


See you soon!!!!