Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting back to some kind of routine?

Greetings! Thank you all for the wonderful encouragements and prayers last post! We are certainly beginning a very amazing and miraculous journey (not that we weren't on one already!...things just keep getting more insane! In a good way).

Monday I started work again. Tim and I were so thankful for the break from Wednesday night's arrival to Sunday night. We were so tired and battled nasty sinus infections. Feeling better now! YEAH!

We were so blessed by our church on Sunday...they found out that we were expecting and decided to share our story in the service! We were prayed over and blessed really made us feel at home and well-supported....

And then early Monday, I walked to there tired. Amazing how little energy I have as of late, but I have been reassured that the second trimester will be better. :)
So the birth room was quiet....I was first up to deliver a baby because I had been gone so long....first labor that came in had to be transported to DMC for premature labor....DMC was able to cause the labor to stop through a few injections. I believe she will carry her baby to term.

Next, my dear continuity that delivered in my absence came to see me! Remember Jelly? We prayed for her several times in the past....Well, there she is pictured above with her new daughter, Annecia Mea, and her bana! She had a cesarean as a result of polyhydramnios and other issues. I was so disappointed to have missed her birth while on furlough, but so thankful she came in to see me! She is a joy and very happy to be a mother!

Next on the agenda, just about shift change time, amidst constant hunger pangs and the like (I never know how much food to bring to shift...I am ALWAYS hungry...especially for MEAT!), I got another labor in! This time, the patient, Tata, was anemic and a medium risk patient....and she was PUSHING! Yes, she came at 1:10 pm fully dilated! Scrambling to set up her birth room, I yelled to my supervisor "She's pushing!"....and my supervisor said, "Tell her to stop!" I laughed.

So telling the patient to stop didn't work and I prepared for her supervisor didn't believe me when I said, "Ate...I see baby's head...assist please!"....My supervisor said, "You didn't do an IE?" (that's an internal exam!)...."Ummm NO...THE BABY'S HEAD IS COMING RIGHT NOW....ASSIST PLEASE!".....Baby girl named Leandra was born 13 minutes after admission was healthy and beautiful.....and then we had to pop the placenta out quickly as Tata began to bleed...and bleed...and bleed.....and then I started having mild contractions! ACK!

But the bleeding stopped as did my contractions and I shuffled my way home, tired, worn, and ready for bed at 3 pm. Only to have another meeting at 7 pm. I might've zoned out a few times.....but I was thankful that God sustained me through my first birth shift back and even gave me a safe and healthy delivery for Tata.

Then today, Wednesday, I had prenatal exams....awesome. Love praying for the ladies and getting to know each one....and I got to see my dear continuity, MJ, who is due March 9th. She is fantastic and staying healthy for her baby! Please continue to pray for her relationship with Jesus....that she will seek Him with her whole heart. I am so looking forward to the birth of her baby boy. She is soooo nervous.

After prenatals, I got to go with Ate Melody and Ate Bebing to the post office to pick up a package from our dear friends, Andy and Nicole Vieira! Inside was coffee and chocolate and pictures and Christmas decor....they had sent it in early November! We just got it now! But it was an incredible blessing and somewhat of a "welcome home" present. What a joy to feel so supported by our friends and family! We feel so blessed! Thank you!

Things are kinda getting back to normal here.....Tim left for an outreach this morning and will be back on Friday....he's doing a bit of scouting for water stuff and also helping with medical clinics....he was so excited to go!....I have our two bunnies (pictured, how they've grown!) to keep me company as I fight my way through more one is on breastfeeding....

Tim is very excited (as am I) about the water filtration developments there...but I will let him tell you when he gets back! VERY exciting stuff! He will be busy these next few months!

Sorry for the lack of pictures....Tim will be home soon with plenty...thank you again for all the prayers and encouragements....we have been facing a bit of attack right now with our health and finances....things have been breaking and busting here....first it was some electrical wiring in our house as well as a few fans....then it was our computer cords and we are feeling some of the stress, but God has been so faithful and though we are never consistent with Him, He is always consistently here with us.

Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
Good to hear that you are getting back to normal(?) and that you both benefited from your much needed rest. Just be careful to keep taking extra care of that body of yours which is responsible for two precious lives now.
We'll pray for your finances and continued good health. How wonderful that you were embraced so warmly by your new church family! God is soooo looking after you guys!
Lots of love,
Aunt Sylv

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I love the bunnies, they are sooooo cute!!
What a crazy shift your first day back to work. It sounds like it's good to be back in the swing of things! Err on the side of doing a little less instead of a little more right now, will ya? The second trimester is definately the eaiest but you feel tired again in the third. I'm sure you'll be fine with all the prayers aimed in your dierection but you gotta be smart, okay?
I'm so relieved you got our package and it blessed you so much. I guess if I want to send you something for the baby I should send it now!!
I can't wait to hear about Tim's latest journey. Be blessed as you prepare your assignments and know that you are in our prayers particularily regarding your continued good health and finances. You are not standing alone, we are standing with you!
Love Nicole

BeccaLynn said...

I'm just going to echo Nicole's wisdom: you gotta be smart, okay? Take good care of yourself, B. My prayers can only do so much ... and they're coming from far, far away. ;-)

I wish we could be side by side, watching our bellies grow. I love love love you.