Monday, May 5, 2008

Just a quickie 'cuz Tim's still a-busy!

Greetings! Yes, it's true...Tim is still busy kaayo trying to finish up some stuff for the water project....soon, I promise, he will post....

But I just wanted to update you on some answered prayers! 

Firstly...I had a patient in prenatals that always had +2-+4 edema and was approaching her due date....then she went WAY over her due date, so I tried to induce her with Evening Primrose Oil on Friday. She was told that if she didn't go into labor by Tuesday, that she would have to be transported to DMC. I told her I would pray that God would allow her to go into labor by Monday so that she could deliver at MMC...well, I showed up for prenatal exams this morning and there was my dear patient, labor! YIPPPEEE! With one day to spare, it looks like God provided for her just what she asked! Please continue to pray for her as her blood pressure is abnormally high...

Then, Ate Melody, who works in the prenatal room and does a FABULOUS job, got very sick with a kidney disorder. She developed high blood pressure, edema, excruciating pain and was severely low in energy. She missed quite a few days of work sacrificing her vacation time in order to pay her bills...her Blood pressure medicine alone was costing her over P300 a day...which is HUGE. She was very concerned, but knew the Lord would have to do a miracle.

Well, on Saturday, Ate An-An and I went to her house to see how she was feeling and to pray. She was pretty embarrassed by her appearance as she was pretty puffy from the edema...but she still looked beautiful to me! We prayed that the Lord would heal her miraculously...that she would not have to buy medication anymore and that she would be healthy enough to go back to work on Monday so she could keep her vacation time....

So this morning, at prenatals....Melody walked in TOTALLY AGLOW! Healthy...not at all puffy or fighting edema! The pain was gone and she said she felt healed! Praise the Lord! She was so grateful and encouraged! God is soooo good! She was in such a good mood all day! Please continue to pray for her continued healing! 

And last, but certainly not least! Weensee...remember him? He's been in DMC for over a month now with an unknown disease that is slowly killing him. He is only 4 years old and his mother never leaves his side except to get his medication. He is on IVs, hooked up to machines, jaundice, and in pain. He smiles every so often...especially if a guy visits him...and the doctors have said they have no idea what's wrong.

Well, last week we headed to was my dear friend, Laura, her awesome parents (visiting from New York!), Joe, Tim and myself....we were only allowed to visit him one-by-one as he was in the pediatric ICU. So one-by-one, we went inside the pediatric room to the corner bed and prayed over little Weensee's skinny, yellow, lifeless body....His mother cried with us, was so thankful for the company, and grateful for the prayers...

And then Sunday, Tim, Jenn, and myself headed over to see him as we had heard his heart rate was better and he was eating!
So we got there and his mother was crying saying that the doctors are no longer concerned about his liver, his heart rate is better, his fever has dropped, he's eating the "snack bits" I'd brought for him (It's Capt. Crunch!) and he is sitting up on his own! WHOOOPPPPEEEE! We all cried!

His momma shared that he needs surgery on his spleen which is infected and swollen and medication for the hole in his heart formed by the intense infection. He looked less yellow and even had clothing on! This is impressive as he could not stand to have clothing on before...his skin was just too irritable. He looked way better.....but he has a long way to go...BUT GOD!

Anyways, please continue to keep Weensee and his family in your prayers as we are believing for TOTAL healing of this sweet 4 year old and that his family will have enough money and energy to continue the amazing care they are giving him. His mother has three other children at home that she only gets to see once a week as her bana works to pay the hospital bills and she must stay with Weensee.

God is moving...things are changing...and we are so excited to see God work through the prayers of His people! What an encouragement!
Be blessed and stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

YEAH! GOD! He is merciful and faithful! We will continue to pray for Weensee's complete recovery and continue to Praise God for His mighty acts!!! So wonderful to hear good news and answered prayer. Gives me faith to believe for my own "baby's" health and continued well-being. You are in Good Hands!! Looking forward to hugging you. Much love.

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration and example to me of laying down your life for others and going the extra mile! Finding time and energy to visit Weensee in hospital amid your busy schedule could not have been easy. Thanks for the encouraging news about Ate Melody and Weensee. I will remember these stories next time I am faced with serious pain and suffering.
Love you, miss you, God bless you kaayo!
Ate Sylvia

Anonymous said... glad to hear that Weensee is slowly recovering. Never give up hope that he will recover! God is so awesome, I believe this testimony will bring more Fillipinas to know the power of God and His Son. We will keep praying and believing with you!! Love ya babe,