Thursday, May 1, 2008

Filling in for Tim....

Greetings! Tim arrived home safely and had an incredible journey! Unfortunately, he is a bit preoccupied training an Impact Nations guy named, Adam, who is staying with us for a few days, so he is quite busy. He promises to update you when  he has a bit of time...sometime next year? Just kidding. :)

Pictured above is the Mercy Midwives class of 2009! Yup, my class! All 12 of us! We got our class pictures this passed week so we would never forget our time together....

Especially the times below....IV insertion class....yes, we all got poked and we all got to poke. 
Here's Serena with her successful insertion poke on me! OUCH! Good thing I'm pregnant...I have fat veins! She got it on the first try!

And then below....there's my patient, Tiffany....who was also my supervisor for the insertion....I did not get it on the first try. She endured many pokes. But, eventually I got it in!

Here's the one that managed to go in....OUCH!
And then, below, my latest arrival, Kyle Cyrel. All 6 pounds of him are cuteness. His momma came in fully dilated with head visible! We raced her to the bed and one minute later, her new baby boy arrived! Then she started to lose A LOT of I had to hurry up and get her placenta out....then INSERT MY FIRST IV! AHHHH! Supervised by my friend, Jenna, I managed to get the IV in successfully with only a little pain for the patient....I was so thankful for that! I am catching on! But I must say, I DO NOT enjoy inserting IVs. The veins are so unpredictable....they roll, they move, they collapse! Crazy. But I am learning! And my patient was so gracious...and a LOT of fun throughout the whole scary process! What a joy to be with her!

And in the end, her precious boy was born....healthy.

Speaking of precious things....Tim and I waited over two hours last Friday to get a long-awaited ultrasound for our precious one!
I will post pictures soon...but it appears as though we will be having a girl! Now of course, they can only be 50% sure...ha ha ha...but they are pretty sure it's a Promise Grace McClellan Stewart will be born around September 15th, 2008. She is currently moving a TON...which I LOVE. Tim has even felt her move now! And she is healthy kaayo. Strong heartbeat....LONG legs and arms....breech position for now which means she's always kicking my bladder and then I think I have to pee....but then I try and nothing comes....already she is making quite the impression! 
Momma's bladder = trampoline of fun!

Had a busy week this week, passed another exam....started another assignment....feeling tired and worn. But happy Tim is home, grateful God is near...thankful my brains still function despite the tiredness.....looking forward to meeting Promise Grace OUTSIDE my belly....joyful in pregnancy....enjoying the patients and seeing the Lord work through them....truly blessed.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements....we need 'em! I am so excited for Tim to share with you all that God is doing in the water project....stay tuned, IT'S SOOO EXCITING!
Be blessed.


Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

yay yay yay yay! congratulations! you were right! i am so excited for you guys! thank you again for the fabulous visit - we love hanging out with you. we especially loved the cards and coffeeshop! hang in there with IVs, think of the veins as something to be conquered - not unpredictable. i love them now - here is a piece of advice Cherryl gave me when i was learning - "just pretend you are blind and it is dark... Go by feel" - that advice has served me so well over the years - and it makes me think of her and miss her often.

Love you and miss you tons and so happy for you both.


Anonymous said...

You look soooo good! I think pregnancy agrees with you. Congrats on achieving success on the vein exam. You can practice on your Dad when we get there. Seems most of the nurses do when he visits the doctor. He doesn't even mind...much. :) Anyway, looking forward to hearing from Tim when he's freed-up. I am so proud of how you both are progressing in your individual ministry areas. I trust you both will be a great team in parenting as well. God is faithful to provide you all the wisdom you need as you depend on Him for it. Dad and I are lookin forward to seeing your family very soon.
Love ya,

heather said...

A girl?! Wahoo!!! :)

BeccaLynn said...

I KNEW it was a girl!
I KNEW it was a girl!
I KNEW it was a girl!

Promise Grace ... what a true name.

I'm so so so so happy for you. I've been praying ... I need to be on skype more often so that I can catch you. I love you tons, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

A GIRL!!! What fun and what a name! I can't wait to meet her!!! I'm sooo excited for you and totally thankfull that both of you are healthy and strong.
Boy those IV's are tricky, i've recieved so many I think I could do it myself. My viens are so small that usually they use a needle meant for babies!! Finding that out was very painful indeed. I had one poor gal try 10 times before she gave up entirely and called a pediatric nurse! I'm sure with a liitle practice you'll be a pro in no time. Sounds like you are excelling in your studies, I am so proud of you!

Love, Nicole

Rosemary & Stan said...

Hi Bethany
I love the name you have chosen if indeed you have a girl. Glad things are going well. We are continuing to pray for you. Keep well. Love you both