Monday, April 13, 2009

Timmybomb vs. The Pop-up Flash

I have nothing to say. This is just an excuse to show you some new pics of Promise that I took over the weekend. But since I'm here, I'll give you a very brief update. I'm not sure where we left off. Bethany is now healthy, though she is still battling dizzy spells. The Bird is coughing a bit, but otherwise she is fine too. And still very cute.

Bethany is gonna work her tuchas off for the next two days, in hopes that she can finish this assignment in time. Not bad considering that nasty viral thing knocked her out for such a long time. For the record, I never really doubted she would finish on time, but this time around I didn't say anything because she was too sick to argue with.

My piano is broken. The power connection is wonky. It cut out during our rehearsal on Sunday morning, about 30 minutes before the service started. Thankfully, we have a very flexible worship team. Without the piano, we all shuffled instruments and it worked out just fine. I switched to acoustic guitar, while Pete moved from guitar to drums. AJ moved from drums to bass, and Peter put down the bass and picked up the electric guitar. Pete was supposed to be doing most of the worship leading, but with him on drums, it was left to me. First time I've led a worship service on the guitar in a very long time. The Lord was gracious, and it went quite well. Actually, it was a nice change.

Yesterday I went to take my piano to the local Yamaha music store. I thought I knew exactly where it was. But somehow I missed it and ended up driving through terrible traffic for an hour, with nothing to show for it. Came home feeling defeated and stupid, because I know I must have driven right past it. I was probably texting somebody on my phone when I passed it. My phone beeps non-stop these days.

Ok, that's enough of an update. I gotta go to a meeting now, so I'll just show you the new pics. I was experimenting with some new lighting techniques. For those who are curious (unklrbrt and Heidi), I placed my flash off camera to the left, and bounced it off some white card stock. I've finally figured out how to use my built-in flash as a trigger without it contributing to the exposure, thus eliminating unpleasantly harsh shadows. How did I do this? Very high tech—I taped a peice of paper over it!


Oh, and Happy Easter and all those niceties.


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

Oh my goodness, the last picture is priceless. I think it may be my favorite picture of Promise EVER. And that is saying a lot.
Great photography, Tim. Keep em coming!

Heidi said...

So glad B is feeling better - and that the bird is following her Momma's lead. You can do it B - you are just that kinda girl (the determined, hard working kind that is)!

absolutely love the lighting of the last pic Tim - it is always good when you have such a great subject - her eyes are looking particularly fantastic ;-) I am looking forward to learning from my photo mentors in June.

When you talk of texting while driving i remember a certain man chasing us down the road while you were driving - you didn't even seem the least bit phased - who knew you were such a multi-tasker and so social all at the same time Tim - seriously what the Phils has done to you!

Emilie said...

I'm so glad the Stewart girls are feeling better! Good job on the lighting, too...Promise is so cute!

Emilie said...

I'm so glad the Stewart girls are feeling better! Good job on the lighting, too...Promise is so cute!

Peter Davis said...

Great shots Tim! Glad to hear everyone seems to be feeling a bit better. I use my pop up flash to fire my off-camera flash as well (I shoot Nikon and I think you shoot Canon, right?). Anyway, I just read that you can use an old piece of unexposed film over the pop up flash. It supposedly blocks out the light, but lets the signal get through to the flash. Haven't tried it yet, but if I find some film around here somewhere, I might have to give it a try! Take care!

Bethany said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Peter, I'm a Nikon man too, and I'm insulted by the Canon accusation. :) I had heard the same rumor regarding using an old piece of film. I actually tried it, but it left me with a slight purple color cast, so I switched to paper.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your girls are better! That last picture of Promise is a work of art, and really shows off God's handiwork too.

Love you,
Aunt Sylv

Anonymous said...

I agree! That last picture is my favorite as well! Good Job! I am so happy everyone is doing better.
Praise God!
Mom Mc

Heidi said...

Don't be too insulted about the Canon accusation - might I remind you that you recommend I go Canon...

BeccaLynn said...

TOO MUCH CUTE! Way too freakin' much cute! ;-)

Peter Davis said...

My bad Tim! For some reason, I had it in my head that you shot Canon. I'll never think that poorly of you again! You're back on my cool list.