Monday, April 27, 2009

A typical day in babyland....

Greetings! I thought I'd give you a little play-by-play of the current routine.... Monday turned out to be a good example of a pleasant work day in my world. :)

Monday started with the Bird awaking at 4 am for a feed...then again at 6 am...then it's time for a BATH! She LOVES her baths.
So after about 40 minutes in her bathtub with fingers like the California Raisins, it was time to play. I worked a little on homework, Tim ran errands and the Bird sat talking to herself in the mirror. :)
Then Tim took the Bird and I headed to swing shift....

I was immediately endorsed a pushing labor! Ivy was busy getting ready to meet her very first baby in bed 1 and I was privileged to arrive at shift just in time to meet her and her bana. After 30 minutes of pushing, 5 lb. 11 oz. Xaviar was born. Small, but strong. Ivy bled a bit, but avoided hemorrhage AND she was so controlled with her pushing and listened to my directions so she didn't TEAR!!! Praise the Lord! Seldom does a G1 (first baby) wind up with no tear. :)We got her set up in postpartum, performed the newborn exam, gave injections, dressed the baby in some clothes you all donated (THANK YOU!), much to Ivy's delight, and started the birth certificate. This was tricky, as they are a Muslim couple and their marriage does not require the normal marriage contract. So that took some time, but we had a good laugh at my mistakes as I fumbled through the abnormal paperwork.Then, my patient below, Gevy, and her baby, Vince, came in for their 6-week baby check wearing some clothes you all donated! All things are well despite his screaming for pictures... :)Then Jenny and her baby, Francis came in for their 6-week baby check sporting some clothes we gave, too! They are doing fantastic. :)Then the Bird came for a feed... Tim dropped her by....he was headed to a meeting, so Bethany Wuerffel, a good friend and peer of mine, watched her for a bit while I finished my shift just next door....But she had a hug from Ate Vania and Ate Josephine first...
Tim picked me and the Bird up at 10 pm, we ate a bit, chatted, I nursed the Bird and fell into bed. A busy, but peaceful day. The End.

Today, it's class, groceries, baby checks and the Bird's along for the ride. :)
Thank you for the continued prayers and encouragements...the baby clothes are a blessing, too! The patients LOVE them...they are so different than the average Filipino baby clothes here. It's such a practical way to bless them. And I heard that when their babies grow out of them, they pass them on to their neighbors and friends, they just keep circulating. :)

Tim is out today with water project meetings...he will update you next.
I am finishing my very last assignment this FINAL examination June 4...graduation June 6. As most of you know, I will be graduating academically in June, but will not be finished with clinic hours until early next year as a result of being buntis and having the Bird. I am excited to be able to work in the clinic full force without having to think about managing my time in order to fit in mass quantities of homework....more time to spend with my patients!

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of your ladies! We will have more clothes for you to take back when you come in July. The tub picture looks like Promise is having fun!
Love ya,

Heidi said...

I can't help but notice that there seems to be a small quantity of sleep in your house! Yikes sister - you need to come home for sleep. Love the stories, pics and you



heather said...

WooHoo for almost being done with school work! Man it feels like it has gone by fast ... probably not so much for you, eh? :)

I LOVE that picture of PS enjoying herself in the tub. So great!

You look as beautiful as ever, B. I miss your gorgeous self!

Much love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
Yahoooooo...almost done with schoolwork! I bet you ace it too :) I can't wait for Shi and the Bird to play in the water together. Shiloh thinks she is a fish, silly girl and sometimes appears to have gills and fins! I'm so glad the baby clothes are going to good use, you'll get overloaded again i'm sure. Can't wait to see you all. Love and hugs,