Monday, September 7, 2009


Greetings! I was going to give you all some pics of our time in the West, as there were many cute moments of Promise, but things are moving ahead so fast here that I guess the pics will have to wait.

This passed week, Tim has been quickly setting in place new contacts and sites for water filters. I will let him update you on that.

Last Tuesday, I posted that I'd had a wonderful meeting with Raani and Ivy, two patients of mine. Thursday turned out to be a great day of visiting, too. Do you remember Lenita? She was a continuity of mine that had to be transported as a result of high blood pressure. Well, the two of us have been desiring to get together for some time now. So Tim, the Bird, and I traveled about an hour outta the city to Lenita's house in Calinan. Situated just off the highway up a very rocky road and into a small village, Lenita's place was a very nice Filipino home. Her sister and brother-in-law live with her and her 4 kids while her husband's work takes him all over the Philippines.

Lenita prepared for us a huge merienda (snack/small meal) and watched us intently as we ate it...Buko salad...YUM! While she had been delivering her baby boy, AJ, Lenita had missed her graduation from college. She had received her accounting license. So in honor of her graduation, I had made a cake and packed a small gift of some Canadian items picked up on our trip.

We shared stories, Promise tried to play with her little ones, though they were quite shy, and watched some Filipino television....the ever-popular "Wowowee" game show and had an opportunity to pray for her and her family. We were blessed. And upon our departure, Lenita gave us a GIANT basket of native fruits....mangosteen, pineapple, lanzones, and rambutan. She invited us back as often as we could come. I was so thankful to see how healthy her family was. God is so good.

Friday was equally exciting! Tim, Toti, Promise and I had an opportunity to head to the village of Gatungan. Impact Nations recently installed 100 filters there, so we went to check it out. We had fun visiting with filter recipients and praying for them and their families. Of course, Promise made new friends everywhere she went.

Tim put together a little video of our trip if you're interested. In fact, you can follow the project from its inception to completion over at the Impact Network site. On the Gatungan project page, there are five pages of feedback and discussion between the donors and Toti as he implemented the project. You can find the video there too.

Be Blessed!


Anonymous said...

Exciting things happening! Sounds like Tim has hit the ground running.
Praying for positive outcome.
Love ya,

navieira said...

what a great video Tim!! It's cool to see you in action. BLess you.