Friday, June 25, 2010

It's been a mighty long time!

Sorry. Tim was supposed to blog. He says he just doesn't have the inspiration to do it, yet.
Perhaps it is because we have no baby boy, yet.
Or perhaps it is because Tim has been so busy with the water project and feels that the monotony of it all is uninteresting.
Or maybe it's because we are just getting really lazy with blogging.
So, without further ado, I will simply share what Promise and I have been up to while Daddy is working hard and we wait for labor to begin so we can meet our new Stewart. It's boring to most, but it is our daily grind.

Promise, myself, Tim or our new friend, Jin, try to visit the park a couple times a's the first park we have found in 3 years of living here that has a slide and grass! Promise also gets to hang out with Eliana and Justine (pictured). They are kiddos of our friends, Manny and Heather, who work at Mercy. The park is in the complex we have been staying in, so it's just a short walk! YEAH!

And then there's all the Filipina visitors we have since living with others....

Promise does love the attention...

And then there's iPad time with Dr. Seuss while Daddy works (Thanks, Uncle Jeff! You have saved our bacon). Dora always sits beside her.
And snacks in bed with mommy....which always ends up with some form of tickling. We do other things, too....these are just the times we slow down to actually take a picture!
And of course the morning distraction of dancing with Daddy before showering.
And the non-stop chatter just before bed after our Bible story.

So...Promise and I are two peas in a pod...soon to be three. We spend a lot of time reading together....waiting for this baby boy to come out!
Be blessed.


BeccaLynn said...

Not boring. The daily grind is what makes up my life, too. Promise is really growing up! Wowzers.

RuthAnn said...

she is getting so big- longer hair- older face... oh, it's time for a new baby to remind you of where you have been!!!
Can't wait for baby boy to come!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, pics, B.

Though it feels ordinary, your parenting, patience, and creativity with Promise is extraordinary. You are shaping her, molding, and empowering her to flourish in this world.

Your Father sees all of the sacrifices of love that you gladly make, while no one else is watching.

I am so proud of who you are.

I love you,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bethany; I've been starving for photos! You have a lovely family. We flew out of Haiti yesterday and are in CT for the weekend; hope to talk soon.
Much love, Mum

Anonymous said...

Your most critical role is mom, and you are a Great mom! Promise is gleaning from your patience and endurance and it is not to be trivialized. I am so proud of you!
Your friend, Sher, is absolutley right! Thanks for the new pictures, too.
I love you,

~*Beth Durden*~ said...

WOW! She's huge and her hair is so long!! No more baby mullet ;o) lol! Can't wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your little one will not be as big as Patti's latest addition. But she went the whole way. I am so excited that you will soon have your little man and Promise can get to be big sister and show him how things are done. Praying for you guys.
Love you lots.

Kate said...

I love the peas in a pod pictures of real day to day life. These are the moments that matter and that you'll remember! Enjoy.

Praying for baby boy Stewart to make his entrance!
Love, love, love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany! I have been having major computer trouble and while I have been able to read your blog I have not been able to post a comment until now. Stupid computers!!! Please know that I check every day for news and have been praying, laughing and crying right along with you for the last few months. I hope your baby is born on the 4th as it would be sooo cool to have our kids share a b-day...but i'll settle for a happy, healthly baby that comes when he's ready! I love you so much, Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim and Bethany,
I can't comment on facebook so I will do it here! Congratulations on Tobias, or Toby. He is beautiful indeed, and though I am not always an accurate judge of these matters I do say he looks like Tim. Tim you did a wonderful job on the pictures. God has been soooo good. It doesn't seem so long ago that we were out there and you didn't know you were pregnant with Promise yet, and now you have two precious children. God bless all three of you.
Dorothy in far away Three Hills