Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E-I, E-I....Oh.

So...as many of you know, Tim has been looking for a job in the Lower Mainland. We are currently on week 3 of the job search. No bites.

Tim is somewhat downcast and after 3 weeks of applying for over 35 jobs, he is pretty exhausted. Without an income for 3 weeks now, we are beginning to weigh our options while we continue to search for a job for Tim. He has been so diligent in looking and applying, but most jobs that pay what we would need to survive only allow online applications. Mmmm. So, today he applied for Employment Insurance (EI)....welfare. And this week, we are gonna hit up the Food Bank. Never thought we would get to this place, but somehow, we both have significant peace. It is just for a season.....sure wish the season would pass sooner.

I understand how difficult it is for families who struggle to feed their growing kids and spend a good majority of the day trying to find creative ways of making every meal stretch to two or three nights of leftovers. Yesterday morning, I pureed the last of the chicken along with some sweet potatoes for Toby's baby food. Getting more creative with my recipes for him.

To be honest, I am finding it rather rewarding to work at thrifty-creativeness.
Meanwhile, Tim's job search took a short hiatus this week as yesterday morning, his dad had a mild heart attack. Though recovering extremely well in hospital, our family is processing a lot of shock, pain, and concern for him. Please keep him in your prayers. He seems almost unscathed by the experience, but it will impact his ability to travel these next few months which is of great frustration for him and Tim's mom. Their ministry and livelihood consists of sending them overseas on a monthly basis, so this is quite the change in pace. Though much needed rest is required, I have no doubt he will make a full recovery. They thrive on physical, emotional, and environmental stress. :) They seem to handle it all with the utmost strength even when at their weakest.

Regardless, Tim is spending oodles of time with his family right now, as you can imagine.
Well, I am fried to bits....it's been an emotional week. We would appreciate your prayers for Tim regarding a job and for his dad for a speedy recovery.
Be blessed.


PI-Bill said...

Please tell Tim's dad it doesn't have to be the end of activity. I'm still in the Philippines doing BSFs having recently returned from Palawan. My previous trip to Palawan was cut short when I experienced my sixth heart attack. Mine seem to be minor too and haven't really restricted my activity. We're heading back to the US after this current school is over. Dea is teaching her final year and looking forward to joining me in busy retirement.
I recommend a program called Track Your Plaque (http://www.trackyourplaque.com/)
Bill Davis

Anonymous said...

Dad and I are praying daily for you all...especially Steve as he recovers from his heart attack. I know God has something in the works for Tim, too. All in His time. We love you and hope to see you as soon as possible. I know how resourceful you are in making things stretch. RuthAnn may be able to give you some tips too as she is equally gifted in "thrifty".
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany & Tim,
We are praying for you and the fam. especially now with the added lose of David. It has been great upheaval for all of you over the last week or so.
Please know that you are not forgotten.
We have moved locations of the church and now have rented a house at 3677 Wellington Ave., Vancouver... couple of houses off Boundary Rd... few blocks from the plaza. And we are doing sunday AM in the Sir Guy Carlton school gym - Kingsway and Joyce. Everyone loves it.
We have been very busy doing all that so we have not been out to see you guys. Let us know when it could be good to do that.
Love you