Saturday, April 30, 2011

Greetings! Time for another update, I suppose.
I have not been very good at updating this thing, eh? Life has been handing us lemons, but despite the sour lemons, we've been making some sweet lemonade. :)

Steve (my father-in-law) is on the mend post-heart attack. He is currently on the last few days of IV antibiotics and just in time, as Christina, my mother-in-law is leaving for Uganda on a Journey of Compassion with Impact Nations this coming week. We are still praying that Steve will make a speedy full recovery so he can rejoin her on their overseas adventures. In the meantime, Steve is getting some much-needed rest and time with his boys.

Speaking of which, Tim was hired for a management training position with Kal Tire this week! God is so faithful to provide. Though this job will mean extremely long hours the first year, it will yield some great career opportunities and long term growth. However, there is a negative or "lack of growth" in one area....he has to shave his beard.

Now, that may seem like just a small sacrifice for a big return, but you just don't understand the ramifications of a beardless Tim. I met him over 10 years ago WITH beard. I married him WITH beard. We had two children WITH beard. There has only been one occurrence where Tim was without beard.....and it was at the request of his wife asking him to shave it to see what he would look like. Well, that went over like a lead balloon and I ended up NOT touching him until it grew back. A beardless Tim = a sad Bethany. However, I am THRILLED that he is excited about his new job. He starts Monday! Thank you all for praying.

Last weekend I left brave Tim alone with Promise and flew with Toby to Calgary for my dear friend, Serena's, wedding. I was reunited with some very dear friends from the Philippines and as one friend put it, "This was like a women's retreat!!" And so it was. We had some amazing God-talks and laughed and cried together as we relived some of the pain and joys of our time in the Phils. God was amazing and Tim survived! Although he says he will NEVER try to do Promise's hair again.

Easter was particularly meaningful this year. I have never come so face to face with all I have been forgiven of as I have this year. He was wounded for my transgressions.....oh how PRECIOUS His life, death, and resurrection. No words can express my gratefulness to Him. I am reminded of the Jeremy Riddle song, "Brought to Tears". Download it, if you are curious. Good tune. Expresses what I cannot express.

Promise got a nasty strep bug along with Pink eye....enter heavy antibiotics for her and Toby. Sigh. But thanks to Dr. Heidi Dunbar, our lack of medical care didn't matter in the least! Thanks, Heidi! She even called in our prescription! The kiddos are finally on the mend.

Then we headed to Oregon while our basement continued to be renovated. We visited my parents for 5 days and had an amazing time. It was so restful to have a few days of fellowshipping with my parents without any outside stressors. We had a brief visit with my brother, Andy and his family, too. What a blessing.

Then we headed back to Abbotsford just in time for Tim to hitch a ride with someone from our church to head to the men's retreat 3 hours away! So I am currently SANS Tim with Promise crying for daddy in her bed. Sigh. At least she hasn't woken up Toby, yet.

We love our church. Every week I find myself deeply challenged and convicted of my sin.....and equally as encouraged in the Power of our Awesome, Personal God.....more aware of His Presence and more desperate for Jesus. When I feel the walls of my sin, hurts, pain, and shame begin to close in.....threatening suffocation and crushing weight, I see my Father's yoke....the one He has fashioned for me. He says, "Bethany...I go with the ends of the yoke is easy and my burden is light....release your control and yield." And I melt into a puddle of weakness and He carries me.

I am nervous about Tim going back to work....working a job 10-12 hours a day is scary enough, but I fear that he and I may drift apart. Our life already in a vulnerable spot, I fear that I may lose him altogether. I am relying heavily on the knowledge that God has our best in mind and this is where He has led us. Sigh. I am also a little nervous about having a toddler and an infant 12 hours straight everyday without a break! Time for more Bible studies with free nursery! HA!
I am praying for creative ideas for the kiddos. God will get us through another rough season.

Thank you for all your prayers. We are so grateful for them.
Be blessed.
PS. I will make Tim post some pictures when he returns....I know, I know...they are LONG overdue.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update dear friend!! Love you very much! Long e-mail coming your way very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend, did you have a great time in Oregon?
I miss you. Praying that all the house alterations go well. Love you all very much.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like life is on the upswing again - It's so good to hear the chords of hope and peace ringing through!
Sorry for not tuning in sooner . . .

Love always,