Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Isn't it funny how the word "convicted" has the word "convict" in it? Yes, I am a convict....perhaps an ex-con if you consider what Jesus did for me. Anyway....that's not exactly what I wanted to share today....

I was sent a very sweet e-mail from a dear friend of mine this week that totally convicted me regarding something I wrote in last post.

I stated that, "The coming months may prove to be a challenge as my pregnancies have not been easy" and my dear friend reminded me that we serve a very MIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER that has the ability to make this pregnancy smoother and more pleasant than any other....that I should be looking with positive expectation for great things.....

She is right. This pregnancy is and will continue to be different than the other two and it will be a JOY!
God is faithful. Be blessed.

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