Friday, May 11, 2012

BIG boy bed.

This passed weekend, Tim and I bought a foam mattress off of a clearance/liquidation sale in Chillawack to put on Toby's great-GREAT grandfather's homemade bed!
The mattress itself was covered in a "car" theme, so Toby was ecstatic when he saw it. :) However, he was a little disappointed when we had to put a fitted sheet on top of it void of "guts" (trucks and cars).

He and Promise climbed excitedly onto his new bed wrestling and rolling around screaming and giggling. It was great.

Then it was nap time. We put all of Toby's pillows, stuffed animals, blankies and "guts" into his bed, read him a story, sang "Jesus Loves Me", prayed and said, "Love you, sleep well!"

About 3 minutes later, we heard, "Momma? Momma? MOMMMMAAAA?...." So I quietly opened his door and he had thrown all of his belongings back into his Pac n Play and was pointing longingly towards it saying, "Inside go?"

The first weekend with the BIG boy bed was a bust. He loved playing on it, but the Pac n Play won every time.......

Until nap time yesterday. I put the Pac n Play into the closet, made up the BIG boy bed into the cozy, crowded pile Toby likes it and went through our naptime routine.

I heard the rustling of toys throughout his room.....I went in and put him back into his bed saying, "Toby, it's nap time....stay in bed and go to sleep."

This went on 3 more times and then I wondered if perhaps he would climb back into his bed when he was ready for I hour.....two sounds....I peeked asleep on his beloved bear pillow ON his BIG boy bed....and even four hours later he was still out like a light! By 5 pm, I had to tickle him gently to rouse him! Who knows how long he had been playing in his room and then again in his bed, but hey, he slept in his BIG boy bed!

And  then we did it again at bedtime last night and VOILA! The kid slept ALL night in his BIG boy bed and played quietly on his bed until I got him up around 7 am! My BIG boy really is a BIG boy! He is growing so fast and he's not even 2, yet!

Next up....Potty training.....I gotta do it before baby #3 comes!
 Wrestling and rolling the day we picked up the bed!

 A successful nap time of 4 hours in perfect position!

Surrounded by comfort!
Be blessed


Sylvia said...

Bravo! You persevered and it paid off.

Love you, Aunt Sylv

RuthAnn said...

Bethany! oh the memories!! With each kid it was always frustrating but exciting when they'd finally submit their will and just climb in and doze off! I remember many naps when I'd look through the cracked door and watch my tireless kiddo play and play, move things around...and finally decide to give it a try... and they slept! Time keeps moving! I was reminded the other day, overhearing a stranger: that the days are long but the years are short (or, the days go slow, but the years go fast!).
You really do have the enjoy it!!
Love to you all,