Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life in Pics....YEAH!!

For Valentine's Day, Tim planned an evening of bubble bath, chocolate, wine and scrabble....this, along with mini-Valentine hints scattered throughout the house, was sitting in the bathtub when I awoke February 14th. :)
Our handsome Tobias enjoying a see-saw adventure...the rain stayed away just long enough (about 2 days) in our February.
About once a week, Promise asks to watch her favorite film: Mary Poppins! Who knew a 3 year-old could sit through Mary Poppins! AND she can sing all the tunes! Her favorite? "Let's go Fly a Kite!"
Yes, Toby is a HAM.
Then in March, Mommy AND Toby got to ride the see-saw together. :)
Promise has an old Costco strawberry box in which her "Nap-Nap" (Little People) live....and she decided to show off that SHE can live in there, too!

Promise's cousin, Lila, had a princess tea party for her birthday and Promise was ALL over that!

Toby in March. I just love those blue eyes. MELT!

This is one of "those" times when Toby and Promise are actually getting happens seldom, but when it does, we CAPTURE IT! They were playing "SLEEP! - AWAKE!" .....a game they created when you "gently" or not so gently wake up the other person.

Then we went to Oregon to see my parents and brother's family for Easter! Grandma Con was so happy to see the kidlings...and Papa Jim got A LOT of hugs, too!

Toby loved the juice Grandma Con put in his Easter basket...I think he might have had Promise's, too.

Promise hunted for eggs at Andy and RuthAnn's house with the cousins....she found quite a few!

Toby needed assistance, but was fascinated by the pretty colored "balls".

Almost done! Gracie found the most eggs!

The fam together (minus Tim taking the pic and Levi who was busy eating all his candy inside the house)
Then we came home to all our flowers blooming! Promise and I planted well over 100 bulbs last fall and they ALL came up!!! We were thrilled! They are BEAUTIFUL!

Tobias discovered a great way to get rid of old toys or unwanted he is regretting throwing his car down there....poor boy! This evening was our first sunny evening of Spring!

Another one of "those" happy moments when both kids LOVE each other....."Savor it, Bethany." Aren't they beautiful?

Then my dear friend, Heather Lilly came for a brief visit last week. The kids LOVED having her, but not near as much as I did. She is a joy to be around. The kids didn't want her to was precious.

Then last weekend, Grandma-stina and Papa Steeb gave each of their grandkids a present containing the most beautiful clothes Promise and Toby have ever had! They wanted a special picture of all their grandkids (minus the one in my belly). And here's what we got!.........
The clan! Micah/Lila, Justice/Hope/Grace, Promise/Tobias
The girls......
The line of them by age....Toby always needs to "go against the flow".
Our family. :) Toby was a little "pictured-out" at this point. I love my family.

In a brief update. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and while morning sickness is not completely gone, it has subsided quite a bit....I am so grateful for that. Promise and Toby still struggle with big allergies and tend to be doing a bit worse with the Spring plants in bloom, but they are happy and growing....what more can I ask for!?

We are still pretty much dairy and gluten free with them and even the slightest amount of wheat sends Promise into belly-ache/constipated anguish. Toby gets immune compromised and sick. Dairy makes them phlegmy and full of tummy cramps.....and we found out a few weeks ago that in addition to dairy free, we need to get their tonsils/adenoids out and put tubes in their ears in order for their hearing to improve and the head-cold sicknesses to subside. They have been through the ringer!

Blogging has become almost an impossibility these days, so I am thankful for this little break while the kids are resting to update ya'll.

Tim is up for assistant-management certification at work in May, so please be praying for him. He is doing great and I am so proud of him. We are enjoying God's faithfulness in our lives daily. We've come a LONG way.
Be Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Love every one of these pictures!

Anonymous said...

What! you are pregnant, woot woot, we are so excited.

Love and miss you all,

Darrell & Shannon

RuthAnn said...

Nice romance for Vday Tim!!!
Spring is in the air, and finally the temps feel good here as well!! Excited for our next visit from you!