Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A summer in pictures.....sorry for the delay!

 On Toby's birthday (July 11th), we had a Father-Daughter serenade when Daddy came home from work! Then Grandma-stina and Papa Steeb came downstairs for some Gluten-free/dairy-free cookies...blown out by Toby!
 And there were a couple presents! He loved the free building blocks I got from Pampers Gifts to Grow! Ha ha ha ha....buying all those diapers paid off. :)

 Then, we had a REAL partay the following Sunday with friends from near and far that we hadn't seen in a LONG time! We were so grateful for their visit! It was supposed to rain all day, but the Lord had mercy on us and the rains came just after the last guest left. :)
 Then the kiddos needed a BATH!
 My Precious TWO-YEAR-OLD! Happy Birthday, handsome Tobes!
 This passed Saturday, we went BERRY PICKING! Our city is the best berry picking place on earth....first we picked RASPBERRIES! (We had to remind Toby several times NOT to eat them and BY NO MEANS pick the green ones).
 Promise was pretty sad she couldn't stick that one in her mouth, it was a beauty!
 Then we went BLUEBERRY picking! That was a bit easier for Promise and Toby because there were SOOOOO MANY BIG JUICY blueberries and very few spiders.

Mission accomplished. Between Daddy, Mommy, Promise, and Toby, we picked about $30 worth of berries and that was about 4 ice cream buckets. :) We ate too many when we got home...the belly aches and diarrhea were worth it. Now Toby wakes every morning saying, "Baywees, peeze!" Poor kid....they make his poo watery and stink.

We've had a summer of sickness, though the kids have been great despite. Baby Stewart #3 is still doing great and though we had a few concerns about my growing varicosities and anemia, this pregnancy has been filled with joy. We have a movie of the kids and my belly, but it's not uploading very well. Perhaps another post.

Be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your delightful family news - Except that it is so like you, a bit too much information about the effects of bayweez on Toby. Miss and love you, Sylvia