Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 Isn't my 'almost-4-year-old' beautiful? She is just lovely. Just a few more weeks and she will be the BIG 4! And with that comes a host of responsibility....she will now have to put her own dishes in the dishwasher, take her own clothes to the dirty clothes hamper and put them away when washed, and a few other grown-up chores. :) She seems pretty excited about the concept of growing up, though with the new baby coming, she still wants to eat on mommy's lap and occasionally be fed by mommy's hand...that will definitely have to stop once baby comes! I can't spoon feed THREE children at once!

This weekend was a "civic holiday" weekend, but Tim had to work on Saturday, so we spent Sunday and Monday sinking in as much "vacation" time together as possible. :) We're trying to pay off debt and save money so our outings have been more creative than your usual summer vacations. There have been A LOT of trips to the Library, McDonald's Play Place visits only buying a small fry, trips to the "free" local dairy barn to see the cows, goats, turkeys, pigs, and horses, trips to the "train park" (also known as Mill Lake Park, and this weekend....? A trip up our "mountain" for a hike.

Tim had a great idea to drive to the top of our mountain (Eagle Mountain) where all the MASSIVE houses are and travel the trails where housing development has only just begun. Though I know we're not supposed to play in construction sites, this area has been abandoned until the massive houses below are sold. So we adventured!

 So we found a dirt/gravel trail up the mountain and began to "climb". We found LOTS of concrete blocks, piping, and empty drains.....
 And a lovely view of the United States and our city!
 We climbed all over the concrete....saw pretty wild flowers, chased grasshoppers and butterflies, and threw rocks.

 Toby found a tube!
 And another vantage point!
 Then the kids got tired and Daddy gave them a ride.....
We took a break in some piping avoiding the sun....

And had a really great time just 3 minutes from our house! Who knew such adventures awaited us so very close!?

This week will be another adventure...though one of a different sort. On Thursday, the kids go in for their very first surgery. They are getting tubes put in their ears to help with their frequent sinus/ear infections. I am hoping it will also help with Toby's lack of balance (he falls all the time) and difficulty hearing certain letters. For Promise, I am praying it will keep her from all those pesky ear aches and irritable outbursts from not being able to hear! If you think of them, please pray for them on Thursday morning. Two kids under general anesthesia waking with ear aches may not be fun for anyone.....but thankfully since Tim worked Saturday, he can come with me on Thursday to the hospital! Thank you, Jesus!
Be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

If I were there, I'd be coming with you . . . but since I'm here, I will certainly be praying for you all on Thursday, especially while with my prayer partner tomorrow.
LOLAP, Sylvia