Tuesday, April 2, 2013

 We had the privilege of going with Papa Steve, cousin Lila and cousin Micah to "Stations of the Cross" in Fort Langley. Tim quickly snapped the above pick....how poignant....as we followed the big green tractor and stage, the Cross was carried alongside. One by one, people of all ages came and took turns carrying the Cross....and sometimes it took a few big men to help the little men. So it is with life - we all have our Cross to bear and while Jesus carried it alone, He has given us the Body of Christ, that is, His Church to help carry that Cross together. We are never alone. Thank you, Jesus, for the Cross....may I choose to carry my cross without complaint as my burden is so very light in comparison!

 Easter celebration at the Stewart household actually began with cousin Lila's birthday on Thursday morning at Play Abby! The kid cousins had a GAS, then it was Stations of the Cross on Friday, and the Stewart family Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday......

 The cousins minus Hosanna....
 And there's Hosanna!! All dressed in her Easter best on Sunday.....we got to rejoice at church and sing "Hosanna" in so many songs! Zanna just looked around smiling....she totally recognized her name. :)
 After church we came home for an Easter picnic in our backyard. We have to enjoy the sun while it lasts!! It begins raining again tomorrow.

 We took a brief nap under the umbrella...Zanna slept in an old plastic snow sled!

Then Toby and Promise spent the last few hours of the day getting drenched in the sprinkler. They're awesome.

And Easter Monday? Well, Tim had to work, but we got to go to the park and run, run, RUN so that all our post-Easter gibblies were out in order to start the school routine Tuesday.
We are so blessed with such beautiful children...aren't they GORGEOUS!? I so love my kids and so thankful for my incredible husband....he is an amazing Dad and he, too, LOVES his kids.
Be blessed


Heather said...

your kids ARE gorgeous! So glad you guys had a fun and celebratory Easter! How lucky your kids are to have so many of their cousins close by. Love you!

Sylvia said...

I agree with Heather! I delighted in hearing of Hosanna's being sung to a church :)
Love you, Sylvia