Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Cold Spring!

 Sometimes when it rains and rains, we run outta the house to the mailbox at the first sign of clear skies just for some brief exercise.
 Zanna is teaching herself to crawl....or something like that!
 Then, the one sunny Saturday we had in the last month, Tim, me, and the kids went to the local zoo and while most of the animals were hiding in order to keep warm from the cold do those camels and lions of desert climates make it through our Canadian winter!?
 And we followed the zoo's train tracks all the way around the park.
 We found a "petting zoo" with animals that weren't at all scared of us riding them!
 Ahh....there are some African deer!
 And what's this? A bronze horse? At the zoo? I dunno.
 ACK! There's a monkey on a monkey's back!
 There's Tim and Promise on the choo choo train! The kids had so much COLD fun!
 And the Zanna goo....she's teething.
 Toby discovered a new use for the Bumbo chair....a whole new Darth Vader.
Every night, either Tim or myself, must hold on to Zanna while we tuck in the kids....last night it was my turn and because tucking in Toby is hard while holding Zanna, the kids frequently ask to have Zanna in their bed....
 Ooops...forgot the Giraffe!
 And Zanna's 5 1/2 month treat....almost time for solid foods!
And the zoo's water park!
SO in other news...Toby's tube in his right ear fell out this morning....not sure what the doc will say about that one. And Tuesday, we drove the 90 minutes to Daddy's work to pick him up at 9:30 am and then spent until well after 3 pm in the US Consulate General's office to get the kids US passports. And after TONS of paperwork and TONS of money, BEHOLD! The kids have dual citizenship and will get their passports in a few months! WAHOO! This was a long-desired hope for us as we wanted to give them the opportunity to live and work in whichever country they desired. :) Hopefully this will keep some future doors open for them! Exciting. Born in the Philippines, citizens of Canada, with citizenship in the special kids! ACK!
So much going on...currently, Toby is out of his room without permission after hitting Promise, he needs a bum change and Promise is currently whining because I am not watching her....sigh...quiet time ended too early. Better go.
Be blessed! I am!


Anonymous said...

Mission accomplished!

Sylvia said...

Indeed, you are blessed! Made me smile :)

RuthAnn said...

Citizens! yeah... maybe the whole family will move south one day... here's hoping!!
Love you guys!!