Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day.....

Zanna is getting dedicated next week at our Tim took the most lovely pic of her.

And Promise got her pic taken, too....what a princess....
 And then Toby....we tried to get him looking Prince-like or even decent. :) He is all boy, but he loves his daddy!
 Then we had to play with a few photos, too.....
 Pirate kids.
And Zanna's first tub bath....until now, we've been bathing her in the sink or with us in the shower. :) BIG GIRL, ZANNA!

Monday, Promise gets her tonsils out, Thursday she graduates from preschool and then the summer will be full of adventures and craziness.
I have beautiful kids. I am so grateful for them.
Be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Love these pictures and love these kids!
Grandma Con