Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to school!

 The weekend before school started, we tried to get outside as much as possible, as the rains were a-coming! So, we got one last ride on the bike at the park, picked the very last of the raspberries for the season and then made yummy gluten/dairy-free pancakes with fresh berries in them!
 Zanna was quite satisfied with her berry pancakes or "pant-makes" as Toby calls them. :)
 Then Tuesday came.....Promise picked her kindergarten outfit and though class would only be for an hour, she was very, VERY prepared.....and excited.....even wanting me to DO HER HAIR!! She hasn't let me even touch her hair, except to brush it, since February! She's growing up.
 When we arrived, she let me take her picture in front of Ms. Olson's door....her new kindergarten classroom!!
 And as we traveled through the school, we met some new friends, the gym teacher and got to play Starfall in the computer lab!
 Wednesday was the first official day of kindergarten and Toby, Hosanna and I dropped her off inside her class....she was in tears...."Don't go, Mommy!!" We shoved her in the door and RAN to the car...we'd see her again in less than two in the meantime, we headed to a nearby park....
 Zanna got to swing!
 Toby got to run!
 And when we picked up Promise, she had made a friend and we were able to spend a few minutes on the playground before heading home for lunch.
While she says she LOVES kindergarten, getting her in the door has proven to be a challenge....and when she gets home, it's a bit of a DECOMPRESSION NIGHTMARE...tantrums about silly things and complete exhaustion.....and that's after only two hours! Next week we start FULL-day kindergarten....I see a bit more gradual entry in her future.....But she's a trooper and her teacher says she is doing great. Wow...what a BIG step for her....our little girl is growing up.

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Sylvia said...

I am so looking forward to seeing you all! Lots of love,