Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! It's 2014!

 I think I have decided to just about quit blogging....perhaps once every 6 months or so I will update....Too much happens in a day around here and with three lovely little ones around, I'd rather be hanging out with them than writing. So here's a very brief update.

Hosanna is walking! She's 14 months and gorgeous in every way. There she is in my little crochet sweater made for me when I was a baby! Above is our dear friends, Rosemary and Stan. We love visiting them and sharing a meal together. Precious people.....
 Our rough Christmas greeting! :) Promise (5), Tobias (3), Zanna (1)
 Promise danced beautifully as a reindeer in her ballet recital....she is a natural and we so enjoy seeing her come alive through dance.
 We had a bit of snowfall this year, so Toby and I built our very first snow lady complete with broccoli eyes, carrot nose, and a raisin mouth.
 Zanna is just plainly a HOOT and so we do silly stuff to her to make her smile.

 There she is again in the Christmas dress my mommy made for me when I was little! It fits!
And my beautiful Promise sporting her two-piece Indian dress to support her Grandma Con, as she will be heading to India this month on missions. :)

Life's been busy and somewhat stressful. We are moving this month and are methodically packing and cleaning as we go as this house is up for sale and there are viewings to plan for. This week I sold my cloth diapers, some baby clothes and a stroller for some cash towards moving costs. I guess that means we are done having children. Ha ha ha.

Still debating whether to find a job after moving to help with the rising cost of rent and living...Zanna is still so young, so we are doing all we can to try and keep me home at least one more year. I love being home with my kids and being able to drop off and pick up Promise from kindergarten is very important to all of us. Toby won't start school for another two years, so we have a ways to go before all three are occupied during the day.

Tim is loving his job and working hard. He's an amazing dad and has maintained a very positive outlook despite our increasing challenges of late.
So that's our very brief story and as I write this, Zanna has just woken up from a nap in a grumpy mood, so I better go!
Be blessed.

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Vania said...

Ate Bethany, i SO love looking at your pictures. I love seeing Promise and Toby and your baby girl. So blessed to see updates from both of you.