Sunday, March 16, 2008

3km Sunday

Today started very early. Somehow I was talked into the local "fun run" that started at 6am. Apparently Bethany's teachers were handing out extra credit if people participated. I don't think my attendance garnered any further grade inflation for Bethany, but I'm a very supportive husband. I know, I even amaze myself.

We had fun walking for about 45 minutes. The walk was easy and it was a good way for me to continue to shape up for my mountain treks. The warm up aerobics were not easy. Some lady who was way too happy for that time in the morning led about 400 people in some crazy fast paced calisthenics. Not only was my body annoyed with the rigorous "warm-up", but my brain was having a difficult time making sense of the complicated steps. I even got stepped on while trying to take a picture of the crowd (that's why one of the photos is so blurry, I was being stepped on at the time).

Last night we celebrated Jenn's 30th birthday. We went to dinner with Jenn and Joe and had a great time with them. After dinner we drove to the orange house to have a little surprise birthday cake with all the girls. A good time was had by all.

Late last night, Bethany received some disheartening texts from her continuity, MJ. Apparently MJ and her husband were having some domestic troubles and she was turning to Bethany for advice and comfort. Bethany did a great job of bringing peace to MJ (as much as one can do that via text messaging). We're a little concerned today because we haven't heard back from MJ and we're not sure how things were left with her husband. Please be praying for her. She is in the early stages of labour and she could really use her husband's support at this time. I'm so glad the Lord has put Bethany in MJ's life to be a source of strength and peace.

I'm back to work tomorrow. I'm really excited because I found a better source of sand this weekend. I know that sounds really lame, but it's pretty exciting for me. Better sand means better concrete. Better concrete means better filters. Tomorrow is a city-wide holiday. My employees wanted to know if they would be getting the day off. I told them no. I'm such a slave driver. There are too many holidays in this country. Thursday and Friday of this week are national holidays because it is holy week (more on that later this week). If I gave them tomorrow off too, we'd only have two days of work this week.

Thanks for your prayers regarding Bethany's difficult birth shift. The following night she was feeling much better and was able to assist in two healthy births. Keep praying for her though. She's been struggling with a tummy ache all day.

I leave you with a few quick snap shots of our weekend.

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Tim I don't remember you participating in any activity with the word run in it since your football days many years ago. Way to be a supportive husband! We've been doing an Impact weekend in Connecticut and have played the dvd a few times. I love the shot of you dancing (jiggling) in the Dominican, and you guys with the kids. We've been bragging about you both.
Jen looks great; 6 kids?! Tell her we said Happy Birthday.
We'll be praying for MJ and her family, as well as wisdom and strength for Bethany.
Blessings, Mum

Heidi said...

I love your blog you guys - Tim you never cease to amaze me with the new frontiers you are willing to forge since you have moved there! Please send my Birthday greetings to Jen. Bethany, continuing to pray for you and send my love. You are compassionate, wise and a great listener to God and others, so I second Tim's sentiments that MJ is blessed to have you in her life. Will be praying for health and strength for you both. Hey Tim - you should just be thankful that they are not asking for the day off AND STAT PAY!
Love you guys

heather said...

I'm with you, Tim. People with THAT much energy in the morning need to be tranquilized! :)

I'm afraid I would have done something that Jesus would NOT have done to that woman. :)

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow Tim, i'm impressed! Aerobics and running in the same day? That's just punishment if you ask me!!
Love that you found better sand! As a gardener I appreciate decent sand and I know Adny plays with good sand in his sandbox too.
We'll keep MJ and her bana in our prayers as well as you both.
Hugs & more hugs,