Monday, March 10, 2008

Snapshots and lazy writing...Oh brother

Sorry we haven't written for a while. Nothing much going on I suppose. We've been busy, but nothing exciting has happened. Just more of the same. On Sunday, Bethany and I went for a nice Sunday afternoon drive. She hadn't seen the towns that are north of Davao, so I took her in that direction so we could explore a little bit. It was a nice drive. We stopped for a "treat" at the Chow King in Tagum City. I just had a Coke, but Bethany enjoyed a nice Halo-Halo special. Yuk. There are weird stringy things in the ice cream that make me think the employees are in need of hair nets.

Yesterday it was back to work. Toti has been doing a great job of building water filters. He hired a man named Gang Gang (sounds like gong-gong) to help him build them. They are getting so good at it that they finish too early. But the filters are turning out well. Our second steel mold arrived this morning, but I'm concerned that there are too many flaws in the fabrication. I suppose we'll find out tomorrow when we extract our first filter from it. Pastor Glen (my Texan friend with the boat ministry) is back in town for a couple months. He will be welding us a third mold, so we will soon be building 3 filters a day, 15 per week. I'll be making arrangements with Glen to distribute some of the filters to remote islands on his boats.

I found out yesterday that our printer is broken beyond repair. Jenn and Joe have graciously offered to let us come over to their house to do our printing whenever we want. That will work for now, but eventually we'll need to get our own. I'm really cheesed because we had a really nice printer and I just bought a whole bunch of ink cartridges for it at Costco when we were in Vancouver last month. What a waste.

Bethany and I had a nice time playing speed Scrabble on our deck last night. We enjoyed listening to some tunes on my computer and watching the sky change colors. It was difficult to concentrate with the bunnies jumping on our feet and wanting to play. Bethany is now hard at work on her next assignment. She's feeling a little ill today and suspects that the baby is having a growth spurt. Nine months is a long time. I want that baby to come out now.

Well, that's all I have to say about that. I've included a couple of snapshots of our activities.

Peace out.


Heidi said...


Bethany said...

We had an Epson CX4200. The ink cartridges are T0601-T0604. And Halo-Halo is at best a terrible value because it is mostly crushed ice, and at worst a disgusting desert because it has hair in it.


Anonymous said...

Oh but I love Halo Halo. Sorry, Tim, I could eat a dish of it myself. I always shared when we were there but I know I could down a whole dish alone! Bunnies playing at your feet? They hardly ever came near us when we were there! So neat about all the water filters being made and getting out to places. And great to chat with Bethany last night. Blessings, Dorothy H

Anonymous said...

Hi from Connecticut!
Hey Tim; bring the cartridges to Manila and I'll take them back to Costco for you. Is it cheaper to buy a printer in Philippines or Canada? Let us know.

I have a sweet tooth, but Halo halo doesn't do it for me.

God is very smart. There are reasons why it takes nine months to grow a baby. But I agree, it feels like forever when you're waiting.

Looks like your water business is going to outgrow Joe and Jens yard. Well done.

I'm glad you had a day off. Don't work too hard.

Love to you both, Mum

Anonymous said...

Nothing exciting going on eh?...I disagree!!! Your growing a baby, delivering babies, bringing clean water to the poor, exploring, and not to mention the bunns!!Just to name a few. I know 9 months seems like 20 when you're going through it but just think how much more sympathetic you will be with your continuities!! You guys are awesome keep up the great work.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Sigh . . . We really miss you.

Aunt Sylv