Friday, March 28, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Elai.

Greetings! Tim was supposed to be blogging this week, but alas, he has been a bit busy and hasn't gotten to it....maybe tomorrow? He is doing a great job getting water filters out and I don't want to spoil all the surprises, so I won't blog on all his goings on....I will let him tell you all the awesome news!

But above is dear MJ....and baby Ynnoah! YEAH!!! She came to see me yesterday and he is healthy and strong. Very slightly jaundice and just a little cradle cap, but he is soooo sweet....eating well and growing strong after his crazy birth. And MJ, though refusing to go back to DMC for a check-up on her cervix, is free, so far, of any infection. However, she has been advised by her midwife (that's ME!) to go see an OB anyway, just to make sure she is healing properly because a torn cervix can heal in such a way that she may not be able to deliver a baby vaginally again, so it's a pretty big deal. Scar tissue is not fun. But she is happy to be a mother, happy Jesus kept her safe, and happy she and her bana are learning to be parents together. God is so good. Thank you for your prayers!

And this is Elai....Ate supervisor extraordinaire. She has been my supervisor since November. Ya know, there are few teachers in your life that make such an impact on you that it changes how you see yourself, how you see your peers, and how you see the work ahead of you....I had one of those in high school....but he wasn't the same as Ate Elai. She literally used the presence of God that resounds so strongly within her to build my confidence, strengthen my faith and teach me more about midwifery and compassion for my patients than I was aware of...until now.

You see, Ate Elai has been working as a supervising midwife at Mercy Maternity for over 9 years! She has seen a lot of patients and students come and go...and yet, she has managed to impact each one of them with her peaceful and humble spirit. She is never harsh with her students and never makes them feel stupid...she graciously corrects them and calls them to a higher level of responsibility and the Lord, in themselves, and in her.

In her 9 years, she delivered over 600 babies.....and Wednesday, we honored her with a rose from each patient attending prenatals. Shown in the pictures below, each patient was given a beautiful rose and then Ate Elai was led into the prenatal room, sat down in the middle, and one by one, each patient brought up a rose for their precious midwife who has served them tirelessly and without complaining for 9 years. It was priceless....we cried. They hugged her, said kind words, others cried....

But even before we had the opportunity to honor her and speak of her amazing legacy, she served as she always had in the passed.....leading worship songs and dance (with silly motions!) with all the buntis (pregnant ladies) following!
There were a good 70 patients there all dancing while singing about the love of Jesus. It was a powerful time of thankfulness for the gift that God brought Mercy through Elai and the gift He is giving Elai to move on to new things.

We will miss her madly....especially us students who were so blessed to have her as their me! My best times were on shift with her. My greatest times of learning were with her, as well. I can only hope that the legacy I leave wherever God takes me is as powerful and full of life as the legacy Ate Elai is leaving with us at Mercy. What a joy to know her. And there is no doubt in my mind that God will continue to use her mightily in the journey ahead!

Stay tuned! Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great tribute to an AMAZING woman. She deserves all that praise and thanks shes getting for sure. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I honor Ate Elai too for her faithfulness to God and to lead you so graciously as she has. I know you have been blessed by her. I am sure she has been blessed by you as well. Please let her know how grateful I am that she has been in your life. What will she be doing next? she looks so young? Love you,

Anonymous said...

I know how good Ate Elai has been for you and I'm praying for another supervisor who will be just who you need now in your life.
By the way you sure are looking well!