Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Greetings, everyone! Tim and I just wanted to express our deepest thanks for all the wonderful encouragements, comments, blessings, and congrats given to us here on the blog, through e-mail, and facebook! 

We feel so loved, so supported despite being thousands of miles away from most of you! God has provided us with amazing friends and "family" here that are tending to us during our wonderful and tough transition into parenting. We are loving it!

Promise Grace is already growing...her hair is even a bit longer! And yes, it's RED! Despite my 51 hours in labor, I am very awake! I have more trouble sleeping than Promise does! God's grace ever sufficient. I am healing well, though still very sore in certain sensitive spots (I won't go into detail!)...the milk is in, Promise Grace is feeding well, she loves to sleep on her belly on her daddy...she hates being alone and can tell when we leave the room! She cries very little except when we give her a bath...then LOOK OUT! We've ventured outta the house twice now...we'll post more pics as we take them.

I've been asked (NUMEROUS times) to share our birth story (it's a midwife thing...ha ha), but I won't do it on the blog. I will write it for those who desire it and put a link from here to there so that people who think that stuff is a little too gross can bypass it. :) I'm not particularly sure I wanna write it either! But we'll see.

Thank you again for all your incredible support, generosity, prayers, encouragements, and love shown to us...God is faithful and He ALWAYS fulfills His blessed.

Our baby's verse, "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23


Anonymous said...

Bethany, Tim and Promise Grace,
I do want to hear of your birthing experience. I want to know everything. You are right about being loved. Lots of people everywhere checking out your blog and following your story. It's a God story that inspires and encourages others to press on and believe God for the best. He wants that for His we do. Give her hugs from her grandma and grandpa and soon we will be there to give them in person!!! Yeh!

Peter, Sarah, Kyla, and Avery said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Tim and Bethany! I've been thinking and praying and wondering when little Promise would come into the world! I felt so honored to have met you while I was visiting Davao city. I wish we had a chance to say good bye before i left. Well, please do keep praying that the Lord will provide for us to move there in 2009!

Promise is beautiful!

sarah davis

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany and Tim,
What a treat to hear about your pretty pink blessing!
I am so happy for you all and wish you continued blessings as God never fails us!!
Love, Janet from Curves

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I can't wait to hear your birthing story in detail!! Gotta love those long labours, Aijah was 3 days!! I'm sure you'll heal quick and fully, it doesn't seem to take as long as one might think especially with your pink prize snuggled up next to you. Glad to hear the nursing is going well, I'm so thrilled for you all. What a joy, I can't stop smiling. Love the verse too. Nicole