Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Little Hope Liberty Judith Stewart (our new niece) born to Tim's brother, Joshua and Esther Stewart.
And Levi James McClellan (our new nephew) born to my brother, Andy and RuthAnn McClellan!

Greetings! Just a quick update on the current adventure.....thank you for all your encouragements and comments this week!

The water project continues to press onward and forward. Today Tim and Toti are buying materials for the roof that will be built soon to shield all the materials from the rain and wind. This is a long-awaited purchase and they are feeling pretty excited! It will also keep the mosquito population down!

On the downside, because of the Islamic terrorist group here in the Phils, the MILF, water filter deliveries to Maguindinao and to North Cotabato have slowed. The MILF has decided to shut down the highway and practice their control in those areas, so please pray that the Lord opens the door for the filters to get in their without confiscation from the MILF. There are desperate people needing clean water in those regions.

This week, I had the opportunity of visiting two of my patients and one even stopped me in the mall to give me a hug and find out how things were going! It's rather strange to run into my patients in public places! It makes me feel more at home here....they don't stare at me like everyone else does! Both Karrel and Licsi's babies are doing great and taking good care of themselves, too. Karrel continues to take her iron supplements and Licsi is struggling to continue breastfeeding even though she had a rough start just after delivery. God is good. 

As for me, I am still doing prenatals on Mondays and Fridays as well as primary health care classes Tuesday-Thursday. It's busy and I am still working on getting ahead in the homework department, though my energy level has dropped significantly in the last two weeks of pregnancy. Contractions are more consistent now and I am having consistent pain in my lower abdomen and lower back! PRAISE GOD....she is coming soon. :) It's amazing to watch the natural progression of normal pregnancy pains to the beginnings of labor pains! Could be a while, but I am thankful things are progressing normally. Promise has dropped significantly...again! And she is keeping me up at night...always moving and always hungry...I am so grateful. 36 weeks this Friday!

My midwife, Lois, came over the other night for a prenatal exam....all is well and we chatted about the home birth and all the supplies that are needed. Seems we're pretty much ready to go and I have secured the bed (which happens to be Chad and Naomi's bed...we are bedsitting for them) so that I don't ruin any linens or the mattress.....that was a bit of work! AND, my dear friend, Rebecca, who is also pregnant and due the same day as me, sent Tim and I a special gift so that we could purchase our rocking chair and a shelf for the baby stuff!!! It was such an incredible blessing and I know it will continue to be so after the baby arrives. 

We are still only 50% sure it's a girl.... ha  ha can never be totally sure until they pop we are prepping for a boy, too. We'll keep the name a secret, though. Just in case. :) I personally have been struggling with desiring my family nearby for just after the baby's birth. With the recent births of Levi and Hope, it's been tough around here. Check out the pics precious are those gifts, eh?!

While I know God has provided amazing and wonderful people to surround us and He has so generously provided for our needs through unexpected sources, I cannot help but mourn the loss of not having my mom and dad here. Though they are trying to find a way to come and visit soon after the baby is born, they have been hit with attacks, too, and are not certain when or if they will be able to come. I am very close to my parents and so enjoy their company ....they have amazing hearts, are incredible servants and are a joy to be around....I cannot imagine not having them around with our first baby....the baby we were told by doctors we could never have. I want to celebrate with them and I desperately want my momma near as I learn to become a mom. I know it is the price of living overseas, but I am feeling a heavy sense of loss mixed with an incredible sense of gain......just wish I could share it with my mom and dad. If you think of them, please be praying they will be able to come. Their presence is so precious to me....and to Tim, too....We really want to share this time with them.....their internet has been flaky, too, which makes contact via the internet very glad I was not a missionary before there were computers! Can you imagine!? 

This week marks the arrival of the new students at Mercy Maternity, too! Eleven girls are scheduled to arrive on Friday to receive midwifery training for the next two years. I am praying they will have a safe journey and will enjoy their time here as much as I have. I look forward to getting to know them, working with them, and learning from them, too. What an adventure!

Thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, and support! We are so blessed! 


heather said...

Praying for you and praying that your parents will make it there. Can't believe it's getting so close now! Amazing.

Love you and miss you mucho!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you Bethany, you will meet your baby very soon!!I am praying for you and your parents , that they will be able to go ahead with their travel plans. The Lord grant you grace and mercy and keep you in perfect peace. Be encouraged, my friend, He never changes, even when everything around us does!
Love you both,

Anonymous said...

One way or another, we will get there!
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

One way or another, we will get there!
Mom and Dad

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