Sunday, August 24, 2008

Promise Grace Stewart

I'm sitting next to my daughter. She's fabulous. I love her so much it hurts.

Promise Grace was born in our bedroom this morning, August 24th at 6:48am. She is so beautiful. And small. She weighs 5lbs 10oz.

Bethany was great. It was a long night but it was definitely worth it. Bethany and Promise are both doing great. Our midwife, Lois, was fantastic, and we couldn't have done it without her or the help of Ate Elai and our dear friend An-An.

This is incredible. You know what? I can't write anymore. I don't know if it's exhaustion, or just raw emotion, but I'm just sitting here crying. There is nothing I can say that can communicate what I'm feeling, so forget it. I'll give you some pictures and get back to you in a day or two. I'm too tired to sharpen these pics in Photoshop, so they might be a bit blurry.

Thanks for all your prayers.



BeccaLynn said...

I'm sitting here crying too, lifting up thanks and praise.

So much love to the three Stewarts,

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. What a wonderful gift from God she is. I am so proud of you Bethany and Tim. I am crying with joy also.
Blessings to you all
Rosemary & Stan

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift from God!! I too am in tears, have been since yesterday!!! We are all so blessed!! God is so good! Wait til I tell you the good news!!
By the way, Happy Birthday Tim!!!
Love MOM Mc

Anonymous said...

Tim and Bethany; We celebrate with you the birth of Promise Grace. I'm so glad for the time we live in; to be able to hear from you while in Nicaragua was thrilling! Dad was so excited to get the picture in Zambia. I've been telling everyone here and showing off the pictures. She is sooo beautiful! God is so faithful. We will continue to pray for you as you adjust to being parents; its the best. Happy Birthday Tim; you were our first, so now you know how we felt! We celebrate the day you were born.
Much love, Mum (and Dad)

Andy & RuthAnn said...

Tim and Bethany,
You have a beautiful baby girl. I can't wait for Ben, Grace, and Levi to meet their new cousin. I praise God for the miracle He has done in your lives, and specifically in the life of Promise. May she live with a real understanding of her name, and may her story be one of hope for many in the future! We love the three of you so much.

Andy & RuthAnn

Anonymous said...

Wahooo!!!! You guys are awesome! What an amazing little bundle. I am so happy for you both and can just imagine the emotions flowing around your place. See you all in a few days! We are praying for you three!
Joe & Jenn and the gang :)

heather said...

Wow. She's here and she's so perfect!

What an amazing anniversary gift (coming up here in a few days).

Praise Jesus for Promises!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, just like the two of you! How neat that she arrived in the comfort of your home and as Lois described it, a perfect birth! She's tiny, but that's OK cause you'll take really good care of her and get her eating well. To God be the glory. Marlowe and Dorothy

~Tiffany Kyer ~ said...
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~Tiffany Kyer ~ said...
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~Tiffany Kyer ~ said...

Bethany, you look so beautiful and at PEACE! I'm so stinking proud of you - YOU DID IT! And I'm sure Tim helped :) She's perfect, and so is HE. God I mean...Tim is pretty great too. Hope to see you soon... I'm making plans to return, but we'll see what happens :) Miss you two...

Kate Vanwely said...

Lost for words and crying too.... I am so excited for you! Promise is beautiful and definitely worth the wait. Enjoy every moment together. Yeah Jesus! I love her hair.
Tim and B, you both have been my example of what faith, patience and perseverance looks like when lived out. I am blessed by you! She's here!
I love you. kate

Arnica said...

I just heard!!! Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you all! What a blessing! What a miracle!
What a beauty (the kids pretty cute too ;oP).

You should call her Thumbelina. So perfect. And is that red hair I see on her tiny little noggin? Haha! Sooo precious!

Much love from me, my Mom, my whole family, to you and yours!
We will continue to pray for good health in the days to come.


heather said...

I just keep coming back here to look at her. I can't stay away! Still in absolute awe at God's goodness.


Stacey Veldstra said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl! God is amazing! We look forward to being back over in there and getting to see the three of you! With love, Steve & Stacey

Lynn said...

Bethany, you are a beautiful mommy, Tim you are their strong protector, and Promise Grace is God's goodness in flesh. Blessings to you all!

Lynn Friesen

tie-dyed doula said...

Home and Birth-my 2 words that I LOVE to hear! I just googled midwives and missions and got to you somehow-LOVE THE BLOG-and I also want you to know that I am praying for you guys and new beautiful baby! Be Blessed and SHINE ON!!
Praise you Lord, for we can do ALL things through YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Promise Grace!! tears of joy are cloudy my eyes as I look at your beautiful face. Bless you, little girl. Tim & Bethany, you did it and I am so proud of you. What a pleasure to hear that everything went so smoothly and that you got to birth your precious babe at home. God is so good!! Love you all,

Sharon Frisby said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I know I dont comment often, but I keep up with your blog every couple days. I have been meaning to check the last few days, wondering if little Promise had made her arrival, but we have been without internet in the middle of moving. I am so excited for you and so thankful that you got to have the homebirth you were wanting! She is perfect and gorgeous! And Bethany, you look wonderful and radiant! (especially considering you just gave birth!) I'd love to read your birth story as well, I'll look forward to the link but I know it may be a while. It took me several months to want to tackle my own after Addison was born. But I'm glad I wrote it down while it was fairly fresh in my mind, you tend to forget so many details as time goes on! :) Congratulations again, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!