Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back to work!

Greetings! After mom and dad's incredible visit, heading back to work was a bit tough and yet, it is so nice to get back to some kind of routine even if Promise makes a new one everyday!

Pictured above are two of my continuities. The first is the lovely Cathy. She is having her third baby and is quite an amazing mom. Despite some rough bouts with anemia and UTIs, she is getting healthier by the day and her baby is growing so well! Her little one is due in early December.

Then there's Ana...she is also on baby number 3 and at age 35, she is hoping this baby will be her last. However, she really wants a baby girl as she has two boys at home. She is doing fantastic and has an electric personality! Her baby is due in late January.

I am so grateful for these ladies...each one has an unbelievable story and has endured hardships I can only imagine. They keep a smile on their faces and wait with joyful expectation for their baby's arrival....without fear. It's inspiring.

In addition to these awesome ladies, I have a few more expecting and I will post pictures as I take 'em. Just the thought of returning to the birth room gets me excited. It's been over 2 months since I was able to work a full birth room shift. But prenatals keep me busy and Promise is always demanding attention....which I love. 

Tim has taken some new pics of our Lady Bird and I will have him post them soon. For now, just a short post and Tim will write the next. Thank you for all your comments and prayers....especially while mom and dad were here! It was another fulfillment of God's promises to have them here in our home in the Phils. God is so faithful and He takes delight in the joy of His children. Having my parents here was pure joy!

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you haven't missed a beat getting back into the swing. Dad and I, on the other hand, are still trying to shake the jetlag. Being up for over 30 hours is hard on a Lola and a Lolo. Please say hello to Cathy and Ana for me. I will remember to keep them in my prayers as well. Miss you already and hope to see Promise on the Skype soon.
Love ya,

Birthkeeper said...

You look great Bethany!! :)

I'm sure you had mixed emotions with getting back into the swing of things, but I know you will handle and balance it all beautifully.