Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets....."

One more entry from my wonderful parents. We have been so very blessed to have them here these passed two weeks and hate to see them go.....and now, one final message from mom.

You are probably wondering why the title is yet another reference to a song. Some of you may remember it from the movie ‘Damn Yankees’. I loved that movie, but I suppose it dates me. But then, I am old. Old enough to be a “Lola”. That is the Filipino term for grandma. I rather like it.. “Lola Con”. I sang that song a lot after learning that word for grandma. Whatever grandma wants, grandma gets. Then it hit me. I truly have been given everything I have desired, and more. I am tremendously blessed!

Every need, yea, every desire for this trip has been granted. From getting the time off from work..(thank you, Dr. Hoff) to getting the shoes I wanted for hiking (at a very good price) to the finances for the air fare, to getting great seats on the plane, to having air conditioning in our room, to spending quality time with my daughter and grand-daughter, to going on an outreach with my son-in-law....and the list goes on and on. God’s presence and favor has been marvelous.

I am grateful for a son-in-law who is doing such a wonderful job of bringing clean water to the people in remote areas who have so little, and wasn’t nervous about bringing his whimpy mother-in-law along on an outreach. He believed I would enjoy sweating and bugs and carabao poo and meeting the Filipina women, and I did. I am proud of my daughter who has a heart for the poor women of this country who need help with their babies while learning and enjoying being a new mom herself. She is an awesome mom and a courageous woman of God. I love watching her bless the women in the clinic with her kind words and tender way of communicating. She gifts each woman after their prenatal visit with a boiled egg, knowing that they probably came to the clinic that day hungry. Bethany has adapted so well to the culture here and I am convinced that she is in the center of God’s will.

Tomorrow morning we leave the Philippines to return home. I am glad we had the privilege of visiting another part of the world and experiencing life as the kids know it. Challenging and exciting and even dangerous at times, it’s what God has called them to. The Bible says children are a blessing from the Lord. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full. I am not a man nor do I have a quiver, but I am a “Lola” and I am indeed blessed!


pasivirta said...

I can hear tim saying "No, Connie, you are going to love it, come on, it will be so fun, you'll be FINE"

ah Tim. Good job!

heather said...

haha - totally Dave!

Excellent post, Connie. Really, lovely. Sounds like you guys truly had a great time during your visit. How awesome!

I also LOVE the picture of Jim and promise. So sweet.

Happy travels!

Anonymous said...

Connie you made me cry. We have much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing.