Sunday, October 12, 2008

Movie Time

My friend Greg was here filming some Impact Nations promotional stuff this weekend. There was lots going on, so I thought I would tell the story with pictures rather than words.

We spent Friday in the shop. I introduced our project to the camera. Meanwhile Jun built filters behind me.
Across the street from the shop, I interviewed Glen about his work of installing filters in the Muslim provinces. I wore Greg's hat so as to keep my skull from bursting into flames. We had to do several takes because the neighborhood roosters kept interrupting. Glen did a great job of telling us how he uses the water filters to gain access to Muslim villages and build relationships with people who might otherwise have nothing to do with him.
Glen showed up with a dump truck that he had borrowed from one of the municipal governments in his area. We were able to load 38 filters inside. Another truck also left with 10 filters.

On Saturday we were in a remote community called Cabantian. Toti spent lots of time on camera explaining the delivery process, and he was great. Here he is preparing to film his introduction.I was so pleased that Connie was able to join us. She got a good glimpse into what I do, and she got a taste of rural life in the Philippines.
We hiked about 7km, with carabao (Filipino water buffalo, not caribou, the giant deer from Canada) carrying the filters and our tools through sloppy mud and several rivers.
Families draw their water from a shallow hole in the riverbank.This is the same river that the carabao poop in.Toti and I spoke to the gathering crowd, explaining that the water can make them sick, and how the filter can help.In addition to delivering three filters, we were able to visit three homes that have been using their filters for a couple of months. This one was being guarded by a ferocious beast.The rest are just some portraits and snapshots that I took on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures, Tim. They really tell the story. Connie you are very brave! We're excited to see what Greg puts together after this trip. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving; we have much to be thankful for. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all those water filters packed into that dump truck. Way to move 'em out! Happy Thanksgiving, Love Nicole

CS said...

GREAT photos Tim !
I've copied a few and put them on my blog. Of course, I mentioned the great photographer... YOU !

Love you guys !