Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sorry for our extended absence from the blogosphere. We had a series of brownouts earlier this week that prevented us from online activities. When the power surged back on after one such incident, it blew the A/C adapter for our router, thus rendering us webless for an extended period. Presently all is right with the world, and we are once again able to grace you with our binary presence.

One is not likely to accuse me of being an emotional fellow. The only emotion I am partial to is grumpiness, and I'm not sure that counts as an emotion—it's more of a state of mind. I have a few nicknames, including Timmy, Timmybomb, Jethro, and Tubig. One of my favorites, however, is when my Dad calls me Chuckles (Dad and I share an intense fondness for the ironic).

Why am I telling you this? I don't know. I had something in mind, but it has escaped the clutches of my memory. But now that I'm talking about Dad, I should tell you that I miss him. Sometimes it's hard to be away. Sometimes it's not, but today it is.

Oh! Right. I remember now: emotions. I expressed some today. A personal victory, perhaps. Paso and I got to talk on Skype this morning. We talk regularly, but this was a call I had been waiting for for nine months. When I answered the phone, he appeared on my screen with his beautiful little baby boy in his arms. (For those who would like to see Ezekiel, click here for Paso's flickr site.)

Ezekiel Frank Veli Pasivirta is my best friend's son and I love him. I was overcome with tears of joy when I saw him. Upon hearing the news of Ezekiel's birth last week I had done a little dance and drank a special beverage in his honor; but seeing him brought a whole new level of joy. As member of the Orthodox church, Ezekiel gets a bonus name too. His saint's name—which is used during communion and baptism and the like—is St. Timothy, in honor of his Uncle Tim. Oh dear, more tears.

So, Chuckles himself was so overcome with emotion that he had to cry. That happens sometimes. Just don't tell anyone.

Speaking of babies, ours continues to grow and bring me great pleasure. She is eating solid foods now. Well, solid perhaps isn't the right descriptor. Mushy. She is eating mushy foods now.

I must tell you of the Lord's faithfulness. As you are all aware, we have been praying that some extra funds would arrive so we could pay for Bethany's last semester of school. I'm pleased to report that over three thousand dollars have come in for that purpose this month. We are over half way to our goal! Many of you have already given, and I cannot express how grateful we are to you (well, I could cry, but who wants to see that?).

Others have asked how they can give. If you would like to help, you can visit Simply click on donate today, and direct your gift to "Projects>Bethany Stewart's Training". If you would prefer to give by way of a cheque/check (the Canadian spelling is way cooler than the American version), please email me at and I will provide you with instructions.

There is a phrase that I often insert into the end of my thank you notes, so I will use it here too:
It is such a strange mix of joy and discomfort to sit back and watch God provide for us. Thanks for being part of His grand scheme!

Peace Out.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about what God is doing for you and Bethany and baby Promise. I know of many people praying for all the funds to be there when they need to be there. He has all things in His control and He is faithful! I'm glad He's lavishing you in His love. I think He really does like you, grumpiness and all. I think I do too.
Have a wonderful day!
Mom Mc
Again, great pics of the "Bird".

Anonymous said...

Chuckles, eh? That's a good one! I'm so happy to hear how God is providing for you guys. We will continue to pray for abundance beyond all that you could possibly ask for. Solid exciting! I bet you never thought seeing your baby suck back pulverized peaches could give you such a thrill. Enjoy every moment!
Love Nicole

Heather said...

Oh Tim. We all know you're just a big softie. :) So excited to hear of how God is providing for you guys. It's mucho encouraging!

Love to you three!

PS. Absoluteily. Cheque is DEFINITELY better than check.